Night shots- thank you for the tips...

trailrunnerbikerDecember 9, 2007

It worked to hold my breath. I didn't realize the movement at night made such a difference...of course I was dizzy by the time I finished LOL ! I also now realize that the ones that turn out best do not have the flood lights in them...I think that messes up the clarity too. I will try again tonight as it is the last night til next year. Here are the results:

My porch and front wall :

some neighbors porches and santas:

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nice job considering the elements. Hand held - hard stuff to have still hands.

The shutter speed on some of you pics have a 1/8" speed. that is why are still having some camera shake issues. Unless you have really still hands, in the low light you still have some camera shake evident at 1/80". That is why a tripod is almost a "must". Do have an oversized bean bag to set the camera on? I made one it comes in handy quite a bit.

Also you might be doing everything right as far have still hands and holding you breathe but the camera shake could still be present because of the residual force from pressing the shutter button. Sometimes, when I have to do hand held. I put on the 2 sec timer. That way the picture is taken after the shutter button has been pressed and released.
That might help.

On camera flash is good for 10-15 feet so I would suggest turning that off.


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Thank you...I need to read the book. I have no idea how to make some of these adjustments . I have relied to much on p&s. I will try again with your suggestions. I don't have anything at present to use as a support but I will look around. thank you again, c

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Nice photos, and a nice job of decorating! I always have a hard time with those type shots, but you did great.

Looks like a palm, or maybe a short banana, in the sixth photo? I guess you don't live where the Winters are really cold. Once again, nice photos.


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