the reason I have been missing...

trailrunnerbikerDecember 6, 2007

All, all , all of my photos that I had taken and posted here were stored in my computer and it died and I lost everything. I was so sick about it that I put the camera away and didnot pick it up til recently. I lost so much. But I am trying again. I do love this forum. Caroline

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I try to make a copy of mine on disc every once in a while and download a lot to places like photobucket and webshots and picasa web albums as kind of backups.

I just lost all my daughter's wedding pictures that were on this computer... fortunately the photog had given us CD's with all of them on them.

Sorry to hear about your loss. That would be very disheartening alright.

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That happened to me a couple of years ago, I had most of them backed up on cd's, but it was right after Easter, and I lost those ones, cause I hadn't backed them up yet.

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do you still have the "Dead" computer? or at least the hard drive? sometimes information is recoverable depending on the extent of damage to a hard drive. i dont know the cost of doing this, but i would look into it. i would go insane if i lost mine, and would pay at LEAST a couple of hundred to recover them if at all possible!!

i would strongly suggest getting you a good external HD, in addition to doing regular CD backups in the future.

Looking forward to your next post!


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When my hard drive failed in October (my external, back-up drive), I was told the price STARTED at $500.00 and could go as high as $2,500...with NO guarantees.

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My DH does computer stuff and he said this was a lost cause. I was really devistated but am movin' on. You learn the hard way sometimes. c

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