problem w/ night shots..Canon SD550

trailrunnerbikerDecember 6, 2007

Hey I have not posted in a while. I have been taking pictures of our Victorian Porch tour this year . The first set are all daytime .( They are on the Old House Forum). I tried to take pics last night and almost all of them came out blurry. I was trying to use the night snap shot setting. Do you have any tips to help with outdoor scenes that are lit by floodlights ? There is no problem with cold etc. Also I can get as close as I want. I think I may have stood back too far but not sure. Any help will be very much appreciated. Caroline

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can you post a picture please, it might lead to some solutions if we can see the problem.


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oops I was so disgusted I erased them !! Yikes. I will try again tonight and see. THANK YOU, Caroline

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Low light shots without a flash are always better if you use a tripod. I think the most common reason for blurred photos is camera shake. If you don't have a tripod available, try steadying your hands on something like a railing, car hood, mail box, anything solid that won't wobble--and hold your breath;)

Set camera to 'night snapshot' mode. Set the ISO to 400 and try a few snaps. (It seems 400 is the highest setting on your camera.)

Good luck.

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Bean counter that is what I decided was the problem. I never need to worry about steadiness in the day shots but the night ones are really differentl Thanks for the tip and I will try the car hood and breathholding. THANKS c

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