itching skin on dog

luvdogsMay 24, 2013

i'm wondering what the "pyramid" is to test for why your dogs skin itches and he licks/sucks on his feet.

Fact: 20 mg prednisone fixed it but don't want to use that long-term.

Trying benadryl now. at 25mg times 6 daily - doesnt work. will increase dose to try that but what would i try next?

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I would go to the vet and figure out what is causing the itchiness. Our dog had yeast infection on his skin & needed special shampoo for it.

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I agree.........find a vet that will test and try to find the problem. Ask for a referral to a vet dermatologist if possible.

Be careful guessing the dosage for benadryl since it's quite possible to overdose your dog.

This has been going on for awhile....did you ever play with the diet?

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I took in a stray 13 years ago and spent $2000 getting him healthy. Itching all the time, scared, needed his teeth pulled, blah. blah. Allergy testing showed he was allergic to everything. Grass, pollen, mold, human hair ... all sorts of crazy stuff.

Tried the prednisone (weight gain, peeing, etc.) -- then the daily allergy shots (scared him to death). After 6 mos. I took him off everything he was much much better. Vet thought it was because he "acclimated" to his new home. He still itches occassionally but gets massages and lots of brushing. I clean his feet any time he goes outside.

Anyway ... could be spring allergies ... could be something in the house ... could be outside ... could be something he's breathing ... could be food, etc. All I know is itching is usually allergy related.

Does he shed alot? and ... Is there anything new in his surroundings?

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Sorry to ask the obvious, but you have fleas under control, right?

I'm sorry you are having this trouble and know how difficult it is. Discourage the paws as much as possible. Keep feet clean so you don't get an infection. Maybe a little foot soak in the bathtub would ease the discomfort.

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