adopting a new kitty

homebodymomMay 1, 2011

I am so excited to announce that we have decided to add a new furbaby to our home!!!!! We currently have a 3 yr old neut/male lab and his best friend a 5 yr old neut/male cat.

Any ideas on whether my male cat would be more accepting of a male vs female kitty? I know my lab will love the new cat no matter the gender, but was curious to all of your thoughts on considering gender when adding a new cat to our home with our male cat. We will be using the cat rescue organization we adopted our current cat from, and she has both male and female cats available.

Thanks for your ideas !!!!!!

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Male or a female, a cat that was brought up with both dogs & other cats will be able to settle in much more easily & quickly.

Congratulations (well, a leetle bit early)!

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I would have said a female cat, until I took in a stray male kitten who immediately fell in love with my older male cat. I'd never had 2 males before, and their bond is amazing.

That said, I agree with sylvia, either sex but definitely one that has exposure to other cats and dogs. Though the stray kitten didn't seem to know he was supposed to be afraid of dogs ... he thinks they're OK too. LOL!

Please post pics when you bring home your new furbaby ...

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Thanks everyone. I am going to have a "play date" tomorrow with the available kitties at the rescue. The woman who runs the rescue didn't seem to think it was a gender issue, but more of a "energy" match. Since she knows my current kitty well, she said she will help me find a match, but you never know!!! She said it can be an adjustment period, or sometimes instant love!!

Will post pics when the new arrival gets home!!!!

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