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sydneydavisDecember 21, 2006

Hello all. Its been a while since I've been here. I have really been doing a lot of playing with the camera since I got so many tips log ago. Anyway, I have a friend who is an artist and I took a bunch of duck pictures for her because painting & drawing ducks is one of her fav subjects. I took one picture she flipped over. I thought it was pretty cool but she was way more impressed, excited or moved by it. She kept saying I needed to put it in a contest or sell it. When I asked how she said she didn't know but felt [from her artist perspective] it could do well. The thing she liked so much was the water. There is a bunch of cool movement and color in the water.

I did do some research and -of course- got info overload as to what to do and where to go.

So what suggestion or experiences do you have?



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I have never done stock photography, but if you do a search for "sell stock photography" there are a lot of sites there.

I have some photos framed and matted hanging at a local coffee bar and bookstore. I get phone calls from people every now and then asking to buy a matted and framed pricture that they had seen. I make my own frames so i make a pretty good chunk from it when I do actually sell one.


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There are various ways to do it. If you want to enter contests you can check out the various photography magazines on the stands and see when they're running contests. There are also a few sites around that have photo contest where the prize is something like 100.00 bucks. I think one of them is called photo a day or something like that.

Then there are various on-line stock agencies where you don't have to be a professional to upload your photos and sell them. At first the $$ they pay you per download doesn't seem like a lot-but if you have good photos and lots of them the $$ per download really adds up.

I personally use




And I'm happy with both of them. The images are royalty free and the $$ from both adds up, plus they're non exclusive so you can upload the same images to both places or as many on-line places as you can join.

Also see the website for your camera maker. Often times they run photo contests for their customers and give a small prize or bragging rights. Like Kodak's winners get their pic on that giant screen in Times Sq. And many different specialized mags also run contests from time to time so take an afternoon and check out the racks at Borders.

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Thanks so much. I ahve not had time to get this done yet but hope to with in the next week.
Have a great day!

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