Sharing more butterfly photos

minroseDecember 7, 2007

Here are some more that I raised last summer.

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They are beautiful. You raise them? That's so interesting.

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Yes, I do as hobby. I had 12 monarchs and 4 black swallowtail and one white sphix moth hatch for me this summer.

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Those are beautiful.
Is that one of the new sunrise or sunset Echinacea in the first picture?

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Those are beautiful photographs, and it is very commendable that you raised those butterflies. You must have a good camera and know how to use it.


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These are lovely shots, Minrose!....makes me want to post some

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Sorry I don't remember the name of the flower but I did buy it new this summer, I bet it is what you think it was though.
Thank you for all the nice comments. I have done alot of research on raising butterflies and come to the conclusion that they are better off if I collect them and raise them in jars, there are so many parasites that can attack the catepillars. In fact out of the 12 that evolved into beautiful butterflies, I also had 12 die because of parasite inside them. I did not find them in time in the wild.
Konrad, I love your butterfly shots, please share more.

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