lens question & info please.

sydneydavisDecember 25, 2006

I am going to buy a Nikon D80 in 07. I've seen different ones advertized with different lens. Are the lens for the nikon d80 listed as Nikon d80 lens or are they listed a SLR lens? I've tried to do a search and have not found any clean answer. Also are the lens universal in the nikon world. If I had a d70 or d200 or d50 would they all be the same lens?



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Syd, I haven't a clue (no surprise there!), but if you don't get an answer here I suggest you post your question at DPReview's Nikon D80, D70, D50, D40 Forum. There's one for the D200, too. I've linked the first one below.

Merry Christmas!


Here is a link that might be useful: Nikon Forum

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I think you'll find what you're looking for at the attached link. It's a lot of info, but it's complete.


Here is a link that might be useful: nikon lenses

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Thank you both for the links. Joe I found the answer I was looking for on your link. Susan the one you posted will be a great place for me to go to learn [hopefully]. I did spend quite a bit of time there this afternoon before Joe posted his link. I find interesting how different people come up with the different links. I have spent quite a bit of time googling nikon lens, nikon d80 lens, lens for nikon d80 and a few other ways and never found what I looking for. I found mostly sale sites.
Your the BEST!
Thanks again!

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Every Nikon lens that includes "AF" in its description will fit the D80. Every Nikon lens will give the same results on every Nikon digital body (except for the newly announced D40, which will autofocus only with AF-S and AF-I lenses)

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Alphacat what do you mean about the lens given the same result? I thought the different lens have to do with the length of photo capability - from close up: macro, to far away: zoom, is that what you mean? Or each of the individual lens itself will do the same thing on the different cameras?

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