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gale1965March 4, 2013

Hello. I have a question and I hope I can explain this clearly. We are building a new house and are planning the kitchen. We are hoping to keep our existing cooktop and wall oven but here's the problem. Our wall oven is a 27" (24" opening) and if I ever had to replace it, I'd like a bigger one. Has anyone ever retrofit a wall oven cabinet so that a smaller oven will fit in it? I believe the 30" size would need about a 27 or 28" opening. The cabinets we're looking at have 2 wall oven cabinet sizes available and the brochure doesn't list the outside measurements but it does show the openings and they are about 24" and 27" (and you can cut out for a slightly bigger opening).

I don't mind having pieces of wood on the sides (my husband is pretty good at matching up things like this, plus I'm not really picky) but I wasn't sure if it was okay to do something like this as far as holding in the oven and such.


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Sophie Wheeler

You need a 33" wall oven cabinet for a 30" wall oven in a framed cabinet line. If you're choosing frameless, then you need a 30" for a 30" but you'll probably need a filler too.

Trying to keep existing appliances for a new build is a penny wise pound foolish move. A wall oven is less than 1% of a custom new build home. Unless they are completely brand new specialty upper end products, it's foolish to plan a kitchen around them. And how do you expect to sell the existing home without a cooktop and wall oven?

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Actually our existing home will be demolished. It has so many problems I couldn't even list them all here. The biggest at the moment is that the fireplace was built over the open basement rather than over a foundation, and it's sinking into the basement. Right now we have several floor jacks holding it up, but the basement floods on a regular basis (another issue-deep basement with no sump pit) so the jacks are rusting. The house was built sometime in the 70s after a tornado flattened the old one and the owners seemed to sink more money into the interior (appliances, lights, sinks, etc) rather than construction. When the property was bought by my husband (way before my time) he was mainly buying the acreage and cattle operation and the house was included. We're building on the same property in a different area (we have 10 acres). We will use very few materials from this house, partly because we'll be living in it and need these things and partly because a lot of it is inferior materials. We will be using the toilets and appliances but not much more.

As far as the oven goes-my husband was talking about replacing our cooktop and wall oven with a freestanding unit. I think I prefer to keep the separate units but to replace just the oven with a bigger one would cost as much as a freestanding range alone. So if I insist on a new wall oven he will want to go with a freestanding. If I want a bigger wall oven someday, the choice is to keep what I have now and somehow fit it into a cabinet made for a larger one. We are hoping to build without borrowing any money so we have to save where we can, even if it's less than 1%.

For some reason replies aren't being emailed to me. I even checked my spam folder.

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We just went from 27" double wall ovens, to 30" wall ovens, and truthfully, I can't see it looking nice to put a smaller oven in a much bigger cabinet and later cutting it differently. I could be wrong and I'm sure with creativity, someone intent on doing this could come up with something nice. However, another option came to my mind. If you like separate units, and your husband likes the idea of a free-standing unit, why not keep your wall oven in an appropriate sized cabinet, and get a free-standing unit (that matches) as well? They really are about the cost of a cooktop, and then you would have a full-sized oven, a cooktop, and your wall oven as an auxiliary unit. (I adore having two ovens - it's a must for me). Just an idea, perhaps others will have more input.

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I actually like the idea of two ovens but it's an indulgence that I know my husband won't agree on. If it was up to him, we would have the bare minimums. He had to retrofit our current space because we took out a thermador 3-in-1 and put in a single wall oven. But the retrofit part was at the top, not the sides, and it barely looks different from the cabinet material. I am not too worried about the looks of it but more about it being safe (the oven not falling out or in). The oven still works great but on the buttons the plastic coating stuff is all cracking.

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