Drs. Foster & Smith dispenses wrong drug to my dog

flyingflowerMay 26, 2010

This is a cross-over post but it really belongs here. I'd like to know who to report this pharmacy to. If you don't mind, rather than repeat everything I'll just provide a link so you read it from the other forum.

Here is a link that might be useful: Gardenweb post

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You can contact the better business bureau....not much else can be done. Caveat Emptor (Buyer beware) This is why vets frown on people purchasing meds from a source our\tside their office.

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That is rather upsetting. One thing I've learned to do with ANY pharmacy is check the med before using it. My mother has had several issues with her diabetic and blood pressure meds from our own Walmart!

I've been a Foster Smith customer for about 4 years and have ordered my dog's Heartgard, anti-biotics and thyroid pills from them without an issue. It's good you found the mistake without any harm done. Luckily, it seems like this is an isolated case. I'll still be getting my pup's meds from Foster Smith as it's MUCH cheaper than what my vet wants to get outta me!

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