Cant Tryin to pass Hair Ball?

krista726May 25, 2009

Im writing for my brother...He recently adopted a couple of older cats from our local humane society. One is a male around 9 and the other is a female around 5 or 6...

Im writing about the female, Anna. He's had her about two months now and for almost the whole duration of that time she's been throwing up multiple times a day.

He picked up a tube of stuff from our local pet store that you put in their mouths and it's suppose to make it easier for them to pass hairballs...well that "seemed" to work and once he started cutting back on it like the intstructions said she started doing it again.

He took her to the vet a few days ago, and all the vet said is she's tryin to pass a hair ball?! And told my brother to feel free and give her as much of that stuff he picked up at the pet store that he cant give her too much of it, it may give her diareah but it should help....

Well it hasnt helped, my brother got home from work two days ago and she had thrown up in 5 different spots. He is frustrated and is starting to think about returning her to the humane society, which I know is something he'd hate to do he's attached to her already, but he cant stand having to come home almost everyday and clean up vomit.

He has tried changing their foods...but nothing seems to help.

Any suggestions would be great!

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Wow. Maybe your brother can try a food that is made for cats with sensitive digestive systems. I don't know the names of these foods off hand, but other posters on this forum probably do. Also, some people I know feed their kitties a bit of canned pumpkin as a treat. It helps keep things moving through the digestive system. I hope her situation improves...

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Well I know when he first got the cats they were on science diet...and his first cat didnt really care for it, so he switched to a multi-cat he thinks that may be causing so he's switchin their food again. The Male has had no problems with it.

I talked to him today and he said she didnt puke in two days now...but she's gone as many as 10 days without getting sick then all of a sudden she starts throwing up again.

I just hope I can find something out for him because I know he'd be pretty upset if he decides to bring her back...

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We use periodic treatments with petroleum jelly when the shedding increases. Just a fingerful a day, feed it to them (yes feed it to them!). It really does the trick. I don't know if I would do the vaseline AND the other med at the same time, though. But it is an option.

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If it really is a hairball (which should have passed in his regurgitation), then take him off dry food and feed canned food with added water. I think hydration will help.

However, if the hairball has not been passed, then have him back to the vet. I would not be satisfied with this situation of constant puking. Not at all good for the cat, besides perhaps indicating another problem.


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Yeah...I figure there has to be more behind doesnt make sense that his cat cant keep it's food down. It seems to me like something is blocking her intestines...He said she seems to eat a lot, but she is throwing a lot of it up! She is still having bowel movents, but I wonder if they should x-ray her and see if something else is up?!

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