Kinda wet....

juanitalNovember 2, 2007

I contrasted and lowered gamma, taken thru windshield of vehicle...It had been raining for at least day/half...

We haven't had storms like we use to when first moved here...Actually The downpours and T&L were "paralyzing"

but after being here awhile...I took my kids out and storm was exhilariating...I understand danger/ous...and would never put them in danger nor do anything stupid BUT AlSO didn't want them to be afraid. A few years ago the three-four roads wouldn't take us to home cos of trees down afterwards...

This wasn't T&L storming but a very nice rain and in town...

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Sorry I rambled...Especially when there seems to be no connection...My brain just gets ahead of me or behind...

Well this was a late night run to the store...I waited to snap when the wipers went on their down cycle...

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Wow, I just love it. You chose the perfect night for this with all the reflections and lights bouncing off the pavement. Excellent shooting!

I know what you mean by storms being exhilarating.

I have been wanting to learn to do some night photography. This will be my motivation;~)

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Juanita, I'm kinda amazed you didn't get more comments on your picture. I know how hard it is to get good night shots. It's so clear, wonderful reflections.

There just doesn't seem to be anyone visiting this forum anymore. It's a shame.

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I don't post much anymore but I always look at everyone's photos, and I've seen some great ones. This is a wonderful picture.

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Thanks Marnie and Gmom....that's sometimes really is touch n go here...but sometimes i'm not able to post right away either...I do check it out still....

I would really to get out more at night to see if I can pull something like this off again...Since I wasn't the driver I was waiting poised...shutter button half way down and snapping before that light turned green....LOL...a simple thing like that was fun....

Thanks again Marnie and Gmom....


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