Nikon D90

dancefitNovember 16, 2008

Does anyone have the new Nikon D90. And if you do what lens. Thanks. I think I am going to buy one.

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I bought one when it was released.
18-105 VR
Lens baby 50mm'ish
50mm f1.8


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What are your thoughts on it Joe? I would love to have that camera. Hows the video? That sounds fantastic!

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We are looking for this camera. Where is a good place to find a good price. We also want to make sure that the lens are Nikon and not some other brand. Seems to be a problem if you buy on line.

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Hi, I just received mine after searching and scouring after an extensive comparison of brands etc. I decided on the D90 & the best deal I came up with both price and "terms" was from
$1159 for the kit with 18-105Vr and the best part was when I put it in my basket that it said this purchased qualified for 12 month no interest no payment. I read the fine print and decided to call Amazon to make sure. I got the electronics finance dept. and it's legit. You just apply which took all of a minute,,s/s# etc. but not much more info was needed. They answered in less than a minute.
CATCH,,,you much pick the one WHERE Amazon is the SELLER,,,not cameta or some others for this 12 month thing to apply. FINE. I really researched this whole thing, read reviews etc. the site is so helpful. They have a forum just for Nikon, D90-D40 and answered a lot of questions I had about the camera, where to find, who was reputible seller etc. Also I can recommend a few books that they recommended....Scott Kelby book on Digital photography,,amazon price $13,,Understanding Exposure book by Peterson,, I think (has a pretty sky background with a lighthouse or house on it,,comes up on search with lots of people 5 starring it. This site turned me onto a nikon digitutor that walks you through a lot on this particular camera and is very helpful as it shows a video with talk and shows you so much. I'm new to DSLRs so I need all the help I can get. The D90 has a great auto mode that I can use while I learn. Hope this helps you get the camera you want. I really like mine. Nicole

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