Blacksmith Shop

kentuck_8bNovember 16, 2007

My Great-great-grandpa's brother's blacksmith shop.

Taken a few years after the Civil War.


Image link:

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Very nice. Wonderful photo.
I hope that mule got fed.

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I had the same thought about the mule; he needs a few good meals.

Wonderful and interesting photo. Thanks for sharing it.

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Thanks. Yes, that mule looks like he may have some age on him but he's not underfed, that's about normal for a working animal of the time.

Animals today are overfed and TOO fat, much like people of today as compared to people of the past who had to work hard for a living.

Either way, I can't help him now since he's been gone for approximately 120 years...but it does make me wonder what his name might have been.


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Great picture KT!
Makes me think about,.. as a kid in Switzerland, we still had a couple of work horses on the farm, just before tractors
took over,....many times I had to go to the Blacksmith to get new shoes put on. I had to hold the hooves up, what
a back breaking job that was!

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i LOVE old photos!
(ya, my niece's mule eats tons and is scrawny as a rail)

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Thanks, All!

There are some signs nailed to the front of the barn, but I can only make out some of the words on them.

One sign says, "Groves Chill and Tonic, 50(cents)" and another has "Star Tobacco" written on it.

A third sign says, "Baby Bowel Remedy" with the word 'Rice' written below.

Fourth sign says, "Tasteless Worm Sy...." whatever that is.


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baby bowel remedy? tasteless worms? ewww, think i'm glad i live now...

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