alternative to the evil e-collar

NinapearlMay 5, 2013

swee' pea has a spot on her foot that got rubbed raw by the cast (acl surgery) and created a terrible ulcer/pressure sore. took her to the vet yesterday because i was noticing a bit of an odor coming from her foot. because she had been licking constantly, she was keeping the area wet which resulted in a bacterial infection.

vet smeared the spot with medication and wrapped everything back up. he only put the outside part of the cast back on to support her knee/hock and will recheck the sore tomorrow.

i picked up a traditional e-collar for her but it just was NOT working. she was so stressed, more so than i have ever seen her. she did not lay down for hours, just sat up panting. she was exhausted and so was i by midnight. i took it off of her for the night.

this morning, i fashioned a barrier with big bath towels and duct tape. so far, it is working like a charm. she has not once tried to lick her foot. i am also getting one of those inflatable neck rings and will use it together with the towels.

so far, so good!! instant pillow...

got a bit of the stink eye at first but i just ignored her. LOL

i hope she doesn't murder me in my sleep!!

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spedigrees z4VT

There is a collar made on this same plan called the Bite-Not Collar that is supposed to be great for dogs that refuse to wear the Elizabethan Collars. Just in case Sweet Pea figures a way to get out of her towel collar. ÃÂ ;-)

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But her purple cast is so pretty! I hope her foot heals soon.

Just tell her we didn't even notice those towels until you pointed them out. I'm sure that will make her feel much better.

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How creative you are!! I would certainly try your idea before putting one of those cones on my dogs.

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i told her all the other dogs will be jealous. that seemed to make her feel better about it. LOL

i looked at the BiteNot collar but it states that it is not useful for dogs with foot or lower leg injuries so that won't work.

i have been in the other part of the house for the past 30 minutes, able to watch her on my pet cam and she is not bothering it at all. i am guardedly optimistic!

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I tried one of the inflatable collars on my Boxer who had stitches on his hind leg below the knee. Apparently his legs were too long because it did not keep him from getting at the bandage and the stitches (while I was asleep). So even though he acted very very upset by the plastic ecollar I just put it back on him and he got used to it. By the time I got to take it off him the only problem he was having was running into my legs with it and causing bruises.

Wish I could send you mine so you didn't waste $30-40 dollars on one only to find it didn't do the job for you. Hopefully it will though.

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PS: Your dog looks like she has longish legs. If I were you I would get the next size up inflatable collar than the sizes on the box. I would have done that but the instructions to do that were on the inside of the package and not on the box where I could see it before buying.

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If the wrapped towel is working, just keep using it. My dog is having to wear the cone, she's OK with it. She only has to wear it at night now when I can't watch her.

If you have a cone that you aren't using, you can always donate it to an animal rescue. They are ALWAYS needing these for injured dogs or dogs that have had a surgery.

Below is another type of collar to keep them from chewing, looks like if you are handy with a sewing machine, you could make this pretty easily.

ETA: I forgot to say that I found a towel wrap when I was google searching and tried it but MY dog hated that but she is OK with the plastic cone collar...go figure...HA!

Here is a link that might be useful: another alternative to e collar

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i'm donating the e-collar to the local rescue. as for leaving it on her and letting her tough it out, i just can't do that. i have never seen her so stressed as when she had it on. enough stress can lead to bloat and that is a chance i simply will not take.

the towels wrap is working and i did get the inflatable ring which adds to the protection. i don't think the ring alone would work just because pea's legs are SO long.

we're heading to the vet later this morning to have the sore checked. hopefully by now, the antibiotics are doing their job and the wrap is staying dry so that helps. i don't expect to see a miracle but i do expect to see some significant improvement.

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I bought a collar that works similarly to your towel and tape ... and I agree that you can't add uneccessary stress to a healing animal!

She does look like she is giving you the evil eye! LOL!

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Injured dogs have been wearing ecollars for quite some time and have done well. All of them hate it at first but allowed to wear and acclimate to it they will come around. The biggest problem they have with it is not having their peripheral vision. Clear ecollars come in pretty handy for that.

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the cone i bought was clear. i put it on her early afternoon. she never once laid down. by midnight, we were both exhausted so it came off.

danes are prone to bloat and enough stress can bring it on. while pea has never bloated, she was so stressed wearing the cone, i decided it just wasn't worth the risk. the combination of the towels and some bitter apple sprayed on her cast has done the trick. she has not once licked her foot. we go back on monday to have the sore looked at.

one more week and the cast comes off for good!!!

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