Color for great room, absolutely confused...options?

williamsemMarch 10, 2014

I am still working on the fireplace, but I need to pick some paint! I need my house to be reassembled soon for my sanity.

If anyone has color suggestions, or which type of color I should be looking at please let me know! I've been staring at the online color chart for weeks, I have samples painted in two colors, and larger paper samples from the company for several colors, but I have no idea what to do when it comes to color.

Here's the room as I envision it when I am done, we have not purchased the new couch, rugs, or anything else yet so that is flexible. The highlighted walls are taller walls that go up the stairs and connect to the hall, which is open to the entryway. It is all getting painted, hence my problem as it is a lot of wall visible in the space.

The kitchen is to one side, we just finished it. It is painted PPG Montego Bay. The fireplace will have dark grey/black pebble tiles. We are putting in natural hickory hardwood soon, I'm ordering it this week.

I'm open to more than one color, light or dark colors, or pretty much anything as long as it isn't the same color as the floor. I live in a sand dune at the moment with everything the same shade of beige and I do not want to repeat that! I would prefer to stay with PPG for paint, but I also like SW if needed.

Any and all suggestions are welcomed and greatly appreciated! I've learned a lot here, but I just can't pick up color stuff.

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You don't give us much to work with. With the flooring, and taking inspiration from the kitchen color (or at least taking it as one color you definitely like), what about something more muted in the blue/green family. I'm thinking Benjamin Moore Beach Glass or Palladian Blue. Or Water's Edge or Shenendoah. Or Prescott Green. Lots of options. I wouldn't think you would want something super-saturated in your great room, but how greyed-out these will look is going to depend on your light. Blue-grays read baby blue in some lights.

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IMO you really need to start with an inspiration piece such as a patterned rug, fabric, or print (wall decor). Then you can choose a paint color that works with it or have a paint color matched to something in the pattern. Since you have already painted the kitchen you could find a fabric with turquoise being one of the colors.

There are likely millions of paint colors so it's really difficult to start with that. I have often started with the paint color but I am quite opinionated and can choose a color I like fairly easily. For those who are unable to do that it's unlikely anyone else can choose a satisfactory color for them.

Once you have found an inspiration piece you will likely get better advice here on which colors will work with it.

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Ok, I know for sure these are going in the room.

I'm trying to keep an open mind because if has to look ok next to the kitchen and it will cover so much wall space. I can try to post some pics when I get home from closing up tonight, but I do like the turquoise, green, grey , color palatte. It's very crisp and spring-y.

Thanks for the feedback so far, I will try to work on that some more.

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Annie Deighnaugh

Check out design seeds for some inspiration....

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Love your art. It is vibrant, so I'd be thinking of a neutral wall color to show it off. You already said you don't want tan/beige. What about off white or grey?

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Annie Deighnaugh

BM Instinct

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Wow, beautiful colors! Thank you! PPG has a sea glass color too, I'm thinking of using it in our bedroom. I thought picking tile was hard, but at least I could narrow things down by price, all the pretty colors cost the same!

I looked at greys, but as much as I want some grey walls I don't think this is the place. Like it's too much wall for the cozy grey look, but too small for a grand statement - it would be all crammed together. I looked at some greens, but I think I've been looking at stuff that's too saturated, like 4 and 5 on the color cards of 7 colors.

I'm going to try to hit the paint cards again tomorrow with a new focus based on feedback here.

I'll try design seeds too. Not sure if I can figure out how to use it effectively with some elements already picked, but worth a shot!

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Design seed that I like (sorry I didn't save the name).

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What about BM Neon or Apples and Pears?

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Oh, lovely greens! And an awesome Design Seed. Thank you!

I'm so frustrated after visiting the paint store again. All the lighter greens and blues will grey out if they are dark enough to see the color, or look white. Anything yellowish, orangey or brown picked up the floor colors and gave me flashbacks to the current sand dune. I'm not to keen to use any pinks/reds either.

I picked up a few samples from the one color card that looked promising. I won't be home in the sunlight again until Thursday, I'll post some pics then.

I really love those greens similar to sea glass and the one next to last in the above design seed. I might have to revisit them.

As much as it is killing me to drag this on, I might have to wait until the floor goes in. We are scheduled for a month from now, assuming the materials arrive in time to acclimate. **insert frustrated scream/sigh here**

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I would do a bright white to show off the art best...

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Okay, here's my own "design seed" using your first piece of artwork,

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I think an off white. Could you do a large canvas in a sort of nature coloration that would jive with your cabinetry as a break between the beautiful vibrant canvases? You might need a spot for the eye to rest before viewing another set of livelily paintings in your setup. However, itâÂÂs a bit hard to tell without full pictures of the space.

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I have a lot of strong vibrant art and we went with ppg decorator white. It felt stark at first, but we love how it looks now. It really allows our art to be the focus of the room.

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