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bonitamariposaNovember 7, 2008

Hi All,

Can someone recommend a point & shoot camera? Price range $200-300.


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I have the Canon Powershot SD1100IS, and love it. Picture quality is great, does clear crisp video, etc. And the anti-shake (image stabilization) is wonderful for me.

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Joan, can you post some pics? Thanks.

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I sure can. These were all taken with that camera.

some inside, some outside.

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Hi. I'm so glad to find this thread and hear your good experiences with the Canon Powershot SD1100. That is one of the ones I'm thinking about. The other considerations are the canon powershot sd880, and the sony cybershot dsc-w300.

There might be a panasonic linux or Olumpus I'd consider as well. Here are the things I'm hoping to find:

- very small and portable - 7 ounces or less, can fit in a pocket (even if snuggly)

- very very good picture quality. I sometimes sell on ebay and craigslist and a good photo can make a huge difference in whether you make the sale - and what price you can get. most of those items are still, relatively small items (2 feet diameter to a couple of square inches) - being photographed indoors.

- pictures of my daughter and family and friends - more indoors than outdoors. I don't like what my 5 yo olympus does to skin tone and other items used indoors with flash

- I want either a flash that doesn't wash out and overexpose - or a camera that doesn't blur if i try to hold it still for an indoor shot without flash. This is very important to me.

- I'd prefer a viewfinder - but might be willing to give this up for other features.

- a zoom of at least 3x (if there's a reason I should have more, please let meknow)

- maybe the ability to change settings or do a little manual adjustments - I don't know how to do this now, but I'm hoping to have this camera for a few years and I might be interested in learning a little more soon

- here's what I think I can't have everything - occasionally get an action shot of my daughter - dancing, playing, etc

- ability to take reasonable quality video

- I'd probably use wide angle if I had it, but I haven't had that feature on a camera in over a decade.

Price - under $400. under $300 is better, but I'd pay a bit more if there were such a thing as having it all.

From what I've read of the samsung l210 and casio exilin card ex-s10, they seem to only have good image quality..

And now for a separate question. My camera is a 5 mp, olympus camedia c-50 zoom. I believe it's 5 years old (maybe 6). Will I gain a noticeable improvement in quality and features that would make it worth my while to upgrade from this camera. It used to seem to me I could get decent pictures on this, but now when I take pictures of my daughter or items to sell, I dislike more than half of them - they're either too blurry, or not lit well. I do have more handshake than I used to - so image stabilization might be very worth my while.


PS - I started really seeing what crisp clear pictures could be like from the kitchen and cooking forums here.

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Your camera sounds like it should do what you need. If camera shake is a problem try getting one of those desktop mini tripods and use your camera's 2 second delay so you do not jiggle when you press the button.

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Great pics...I like the first one...she's such a cutie. Thanks for sharing.

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Thanks crunchpa - I can see how a tripod would help for photographing items for sale. but I still might want image stabilizaiton for taking pictures of my daughter.

I went out and looked at some in person. the Canon 1100, 790,880 and sony dsc - w170 (store didn't have the 300). Now I'm thinking I'll give up the viewfinder and would like wide angle.

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I like the viewfinder when I'm outside, that's one advantage of the little Canon I have. And I like the IS, I notice as I'm getting older, some of my pics with my other little Canon were blurry, so the image stabilization is great for me.
ON the Canon, it's important to change the white balance settings.

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