myrtle beach

anna_lisaNovember 24, 2010

hoping this works haveing a problem with posting picturs with my photobucket

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Some More Of Myrtle Beach

These pictures were taken off the Myrtle Beach State Park Pier Looking Toward Springmaid Pier. On 10/23/10

These pictures were taken with a âÂÂCanon SX10 ISâ camera.

Have A Nice Day

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Nice photos and for this time of year here-very warm and inviting!

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very beautiful pictures Linesman
here still haveing probem with photobucket will not give me the link to copy
a href="" target="_blank">

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Hello anna_lisa
All I do is put my mouse arrow on the picure I want to post and wait for the codes to open...

Then I just put my arrow on the HTML CODE and "LEFT" click on the code.

(If you look real fast while you "LEFT" click you will see it change,and the word "COPY" flashes in the in the background of the code for about a second..)
Now you can paste the HTML code where you need to.. in your post.

An Early Walk On The Beach.

Hope This Helps .

Have A Nice Day

Here is a link that might be useful: Photobucket has gotten a lot unfriendlier for me

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Hi Lines that the way i used to do it for years now it will not work when i press my left button on my mouse global setting and about adobe flash player come up
i have find share this then go to find code then copy the code it is alot of problems like this i will try flickr much easyer

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Myrtle Beach looks really good to me right now. We had 5 inches of snow yesterday and I finished clearing the drive and sidewalk at 10 pm last night. Helped my neighbor clear his drive; His snow blower quit after moving 10 ft.

My front stoop iced up from drippings off the roof.

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