Camera repair

ruthannNovember 27, 2007

My grand daughter dropped my camera on a tile floor. It will only hum now. A local camera store said it has to be sent away and repaired for $180. It cost around $300 - $330 when new so I probably won't get it fixed. Does anyone know of a fix it shop around the Flint, Michigan area? I find it hard to believe that it has to be sent away to be repaired. Thank you, Ruth Ann

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Sad, but true. The price for fixing a digital camera, or any motorized-zoom camera can be very expensive.

I guess it depends on if you want to spend $180 now, and have a used camera, or spend twice as much and get a new one.

I'm sure there is someone in your area that would fix it for much less, unless it is broken beyond repair. Hopefully you will find someone.

Good Luck


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I had the same thing. Same word about getting it fixed. I bought a new one, but am not as happy with it as the old one.

But, it taught me to be more careful about using the strap on the thing. ;(

If you find anyone local to you that can/will repair it for a decent price, let us know. I might try looking some more.

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I bought one of those lanyards that go around your neck.

My kids always want to use my camera - and I only let them if they have it around their neck. Heck - I even do that now.

I know it won't fix your camera, but it might help with your new one.

BTW - I have had a couple friends that have had cameras fixed - and they never did work right afterward. I would cut your losses now and just get a different one.

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