blower size needed for my hood??

sdfarmsMarch 29, 2013

I am installing a Blue Star 48 inch range top in the house I am currently building and will be installing a 54 inch hood over it. (I don't know what brand or if I will go with a custom hood as of yet). I do know that I will be installing a roof mounted external blower but I am not sure how big a blower, (how many CFM I need). My total btu output of the six burners will be 98000. I also have a grill that I will use often. I have read that since it is a remote blower, I may need to up the CFMs. I also want to mount the hood on the high side since I am taller. Any advice would be helpful. What brands of hoods would you recommend?


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1) 1200-1600 cfm.

2) Best if you want less expensive.

Bluestar Hoods, Prestige Hoods, Prizer Hoods, Modern-Aire if you are willing to spend a little more.

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Make sure you have enough make-up air if the house is being built to modern air-tight standards. All of that air has to come from somewhere. Its especially important if you have any combustible fuel equipment, such as a furnace or gas appliance, or a fireplace. Sucking that much air out will cause the equipment to backdraft, potentially introducing carbon monoxide into the home.

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