Dinovite or Missing Link?

ryseryse_2004May 31, 2013

My dog's hot spot problem was getting to the point where we were going to have to invest in another vet visit (last one for this was over $200!) That was last spring about this time and we wanted to avoid the expense again if at all possible. I was using the hydrocortizone lotion and benedryl and it was improving but I ordered Missing Link anyway just to try it.

Well, by the time it came, he had stopped scratching completely and the sores are healing. Sooooo - I guess it doesn't have to work - you just have to buy it. I am putting the package in the freezer unopened until he has another problem with hot spots. Hopefully it won't be until next spring.

I decided against Dinovite because of negative comments and the price.

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You can use Witch Hazel directly on the hot spot, it will dry it out

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Thanks but the bumps are all over her body. When she would get an especially bad case, the vet had to shave the whole front half of her, give her a steriod shot and then anti-fungal wash and hydrocortizone creme. Since I wrote this post, the bumps are back and I am using the Missing Link (daily for 6 days so far.)

The bumps are going away and the itching has stopped. Whenever there is itching, I use the hydrocortizone creme and that alleviates it immediately.

I can see Witch Hazel helping if there is just spot or two but that wasn't my problem.

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