Kraftmaid Peppercorn stain

mirucaMarch 16, 2013

My daughter was immediately taken with the Kraftmaid peppercorn on cherry cabinets - and nothing since has met the mark for her. The contractor uses a different line of cabinets - American made and probably better quality - and they say can do the peppercorn stain if we send a sample chip from the kraftmaid line.

Has anyone ever done this - sent a sample of a stain and have the company replicate it? If so, was that successful?

We are concerned that maybe it won't be the same - and how will we know until the cabinets are here. Of all the cabinet doors and samples and displays we've looked at - only one came close to the Peppercorn On Cherry - which makes us question successful replication even more.

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They should make up a sample door for your approval. Whenever I have had someone try to match stain color for me they have given me samples. Sometimes I get a board back(of the final wood species, ie maple, ash, etc) with 3 stripes on in showing three formulations of the match. they ask me which if any I would like them to proceed with.
Have you asked for a sample back?

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Sophie Wheeler

KM are very good quality American made cabinets. If you love them, and want to use them, but your contractor won't use them, then get another contractor.

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I second what Hollysprings said. Our Kraftmaids were made down south right here in the good old U. S. of A. And the quality is excellent for the price we paid. Just to set the record straight! :)

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Good suggestion on getting sample back. I think We are am feeling time pressure to choose due to a Kraftmaid sale ending.

Interesting comments on Kraftmade - I have not been able to document that they are American made. Everything I have seen, including their web site, "assembled" in the US which is different than made in US. If made in US, I would think that would be highly touted - especially given some of the toxic stuff coming out of China these days.

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The Kraftmaid sale will end.....and another will begin. There is always a sale so dont fret about that. Don't make such a large decision based on time pressures. I also have Kraftmaid cabinets and have been very pleased with them. If this is what your daughter wants, maybe this is what she should get!

(oh, and Kitchenaddict used Kraftmaid in Peppercorn.....look up her reveal if you want to see the finished product)

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My advice is to not have someone match the stain. We went with a specific company to do our cabinets primarily because of their claim that they could color match. We had the Kraftmaid Peppercorn sample for our island and a specific paint formulation from BM for the white perimeter cabinets. They never could get either one to match. We ended up having to buy different cabinets for the island, and they repainted the white cabinets 3 different times. Even when they gave us a sample board, it wasn't what they installed. And then after the cabinets were installed, the paint changed colors. That probably wouldn't happen with a stain, but let me just tell you it was a major PIA.

Go with the Kraftmaid and get a different contractor!

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Minker - thank you thank you thank you. Confirms our concerns.

kellienoel - I have "clipped" kitchenaddict's kitchen ... I love it :). This particualar sale seems a bit better than most I have seen in the past - both Kraftmaid's and then Lowe's match to it.
I think the contractor will go either way - he's not pushing one way or another... it's just the entity he usually does business with on his build.

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