Dog's nose rubbed bald

drummondMay 5, 2009

My 4-year-old female border collie has had a bald, red nose since last fall. She gets seasonal itching every year in the fall but the nose problem has persisted now for six months.

She also had what my vet called "reverse sneezing" which was attempting to remove a foreign body from her nose. It lasted about 3 months and went away. I wonder if there is a connection.

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Most dogs reverse sneeze even without anything up there HOWEVER, since your dogs nose is bald Im thinking there is something up there which is bothering her and needs to be located and removed. I suggest contacting a vet who is willing to do a little more work on your dog to figure out what is going on. Hope this gets resolved soon

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My friend's dog has that. It was diagnosed as a canine form of lupus (i.e. autoimmune). Steroids sometimes help, but the poor gal never is completely rid of it.

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Yes, I was thinking Discoid lupus too on the bald nose. What does your vet say about it?

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Just a thought, when my old girl had "reverse sneezing" it was always because of dental problems.

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