Film and Slide Converters

RatherbgardeningNovember 29, 2008

Anyone have one? I'm considering getting one since I have a lot of old slides and film. I wonder if they're all basically the same or if there are some major differences as far as quality of the transferred images and ease of use, etc.

I'd like to hear people's experiences with them, good and bad. Thanks!

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I have been using a Nikon Coolscan V ED for several years. I had about 3500 slides going back to 1950. The old Kodak ASA 10's and technicolor ones.Still have 1500 or so. It is slow painstaking work but your scan is at 4000 dpi so 16x20 photos are good and 11x14's are fabulous. Never fooled around with movie film so can be of no help there.

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Thanks for your reply. You have a lot to do! I hadn't come across that one, so I'll look into it.

I phrased that wrong and should've said negatives, not film.

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I use an Epson v200 scanner. It does a great job and rings in at around $70. Pretty great price for slide scanner. It will scan slides, film, and since it is a flat bed scanner - pretty much anything.

It will scan 4 slides at once. You load them in the carrier and it scans each one and puts it, each as a seperate file, into the location you choose. Works pretty much the same for film.

Great quality on the scans - it will also fix dust, correct backlighting, etc., if you choose.

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