Need a good spray to prevent cat from scratching furniture

phish_gwMay 29, 2012

I've heard of sprays that if you spray it on the furniture, the cat won't scratch there. I've tried a couple. So far they smell quite bad and the cat still scratches. I've tried all kinds of ways to lure him into using his scratching post, to no avail, and he still way prefers scratching my furniture.

Has anyone had any luck finding a spray that really does work to keep a cat from scratching the place you spray it? (and how does it smell?)

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Fori is not pleased

I haven't found one, but my cat was lured away by those messy cardboard scratcher things. He loved it so much we didn't know until we replaced it that it had a packet of catnip in it we were supposed to bait it with.

If you're around when he scratches, you can shoot him with a can of compressed air. Easier on the upholstery than water!

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To train our cats as to where they could scratch I wrapped the corners of all the furniture in foil and provided them with their alternative covered in catnip. It took a couple of weeks but once they finally showed no interest in the corners, I removed the foil. After that, if I caught them going for the corner I'd spritz them with a spray bottle. They hated that and it didn't take long before they got the gist.

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The key is to have a scratch post the cat likes, and the best I've found is linked below. My cat wouldn't go near some of the shorter styles and she has no use for carpet covered ones.
Also, be sure to place the scratcher in a spot that the cat frequently walks by. In my house, it's a corner of the DR.
The second best scratcher, for my cat, is the cardboard style, especially the ones that look like a little box/bed.

I have to admit that for several months I was forced to get a couple of scat mats to deter my cat during her kitten stage. She'll be 2 yrs in August and no longer has interest in my chairs except to lie in them.

Here is a link that might be useful: scratch post

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spedigrees z4VT

My cat loves a big cardboard box on the floor stuffed full of newspapers. It's her favorite scratching post. Second favorite is the ramp I made for her to get from the sofa to her bed by the window. It is made of a 1" x 12" pine board with that fake grass outdoor carpetting stapled onto it. I don't care if she scratches the furniture, so it's immaterial to me, but she does prefer these surfaces to upholstery.

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I've been lucky in that I've rarely had cats that like to scratch furniture. Years ago when one of my now oldest cats was young he started scratching furniture. He didn't like and never has liked any type of scratching post. I had heard of using lemon to deter cats so I mixed up some lemon juice in water and sprayed it where he had been scratching. It worked for us. I had to reapply it every week or so. Took about a month before he totally stopped even trying to go there. He's never taken up the habit since. He's almost 13 now. I've heard people say it doesn't work, but it did for us so should be worth trying. I used a few tablespoons in a medium sized sprayer from dollar store. Guess you'd want to make sure on back or hidden part of furniture that it doesn't affect yours. Mine was fine. I do have other cats now that have liked to scratch wood and they now love those cardboard scratchers. Just bought another refill recently. They are pretty messy.

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always try to teach your cat to do what is natural in a place that is okay instead of discouraging behavior. In this case you can do a number of things, go to the pet store and buy some of those cheap scratching boards, you can put them by your sofa, add catnip to make them more desireable. Next, get some doublestick tape and apply it to the area the cat has been scratching, it will act as a deterant, and is less of a mess, you might need to replace it now and then. having many scratching boards, both verticle and horizontal will give your cat what it needs. Good luck

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I know I am late replying but I know of a product that stopped my cat from shredding my furniture. They Are nail caps from soft They really work! I wish I would have discovered these years ago. I tried these after I bought my new furniture in January. It still looks new without any shredding!

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