Favorite photo-sharing sites?

jenswrensNovember 22, 2008

Hi all,

I've been playing with different photo-hosting sites out there and cannot find one I really like.

Which photo-hosting/sharing sites do most of you use and why? Which ones are best? I'm really looking for one that is easy to use, easy to share, is clean and ad-free and allows for some creativity with organizing, captions, etc. (I'm not necessarily looking for a free site.)

Some I've played with are Flickr, Pbase, Zenfolio, photobucket. They all have pros & cons.


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For sharing albums with friends I use Kodak Easy Share Gallery, for sharing Photos here and other forums I use Photobucket.

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DH (Paparazzi...lol) uses Smugmug and loves it. There are different options to customize it and you can make photographs and/or entire galleries private if you simply want to share them with specific people. Viewers can also, if you allow it, view photo's in small, medium, large and original sizes. I do not think all the sites have that option.

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I just realized you can try the site out on trial for two weeks. I will try to link to the page below.

Here is a link that might be useful: Smugmug Trial Offer

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Thanks. I have opened a trial acct at smugmug, also pbase and zenfolio. I think the reason people here use photobucket almost exclusively is that the other 3 sites apparently arent compatible with GW. Even using the same html code as I use with pbucket, I cannot embed photos from smugmug or pbase. the photos just don't show up here. ugh. back to photobucket, i guess.

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I have tried several and have settled on Picassa.

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I've been using photobucket since 2005 and love it. I've also used webshots and kodak, but don't like them nearly as well. I've heard good things about picassa, but haven't tried it.

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+1 for SmugMug! Thats where I host my website. Customizing is kind of a pain unless you want to learn CSS script though. I learned enough to get the look I want.

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I use Photobucket, Picasa and Webshots. I tried Flickr but its monthly limit on uploading (then at least) made it more hassle than it was worth.

I use photobucket the most.

I do all my editing in Picasa on the computer.

It kind of boils down to a coke pepsi issue. Different tastes and needs.

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I only use Photobucket, have tried flicker...I guess just for as much as I share it serves its purpose without getting over complicated with different ones...and this forum and MS is about all I share where i can copy and paste!...not much helpful...sorry!

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Another Picasa fan, here. Easy to upload, edit, share, and post photos to other websites, like GW. Picasa 3 has a watermark option if you have concerns about your photos being used by unauthorized viewers.
I also use SnapFish...free, sharing, editing, and good prices for prints should you so wish.

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