Will Benadryl help?

nodakgalMay 13, 2009

Our little Doxie has over the years, anxiety attacks over thunderstorms. It seems to be getting worse. She gets upset before storms are here. Even rain with no thunder or lightening are starting to upset her. She paces, pants loudly and horribly, shakes, tries to get in our lap for a few seconds, then down on the floor, hides under the coffee table, then back in a lap or on the couch.

We've tried everything the past 5 years, she is now 8 years old. Tried ignoring her, tried calming her down, tried melatonin. Nothing helps. I've talked to the vets office twice and they aren't interested in giving her anything apparently. They say oh by the time you give her something and it gets to working the storm has passed. If they could see her during a storm I think they would....it is awful for her and us. I seriously think she will have a heart attack someday during a storm. She starts in before we can even hear anything coming and it gets worse til the storms are finally past. It seems like every summer her fear gets worse! She also doesn't like fireworks. We had a bad storm again the past 2 nights, talked to the vets office again this morning. I am at my wits end here and want to help her.

I found a link on giving Benadryl to dogs....do you think this will help at all? Does anyone give it to their dog? I don't want to harm her. But being this severely upset sure isn't good for her!

Here is a link that might be useful: Benadryl link

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I have given my dogs Benadryl for allergic reactions on occasion and it never hurt them.I use to give one of my little poodles a couple (25mg.each) before I groomed him because grooming was a major issue.My Vet said it was OK.Just made him sleepy.LOL I can't see why it would hurt to try.Give it to her at the first sign of anxiety or if there is a storm in the forecast.Won't know unless you try!

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NO, You should be using rescue remedy (found at most drug stores or health food stores) you can dose her by putting the dropper in her mouth with a squirt or you can put it in her water. I prefer to drop it in my dogs mouth so I know he got the dose since he does not drink much when he is anxious. You should dose her about a half an hour to an hour before fireworks or you know a storm is coming. You can also ask your vet for medicine if you live close to a county fair grounds which lights of fireworks. I prefer to take my dog camping (which he hates) rather than dose him during the fourth of july celebrations - good luck

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Mazer-I totally forgot about the Rescue Remedy! Didn't know anything about it when I had the grooming problem.Wish I had.I did use it on my cat and it helped her anxiety.

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My dog had the same symptoms you describe. (I say had because she is 15 now and about 2 years ago the fear stopped. I think because she's somewhat senile.) Anyway, my previous vet prescribed ACE which is NOT the way to go. She was still scared, and the effects of the ACE made her all stumbly. Not a good combo.

Linked below is an article with ideas. You might want to try an anxiety wrap or a storm defender cape. The cape seems especially odd, but apparently works well in a lot of cases.

Here is a link that might be useful: clicky

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I always keep Rescue Remedy on hand for dogs and cats (sometimes me, too) to smooth over upsets and anxiety producing situations, it really helps.

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Benadryl really helps my 2 black Labs.

Our vet said we could safely dose at 1mg per pound of body weight,
but 1/2 the dosage works well for them.

Rescue Remedy doesn't do a thing for these guys.

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Have you tried crating her? Maybe use the storm cape or the dryer sheet trick, then put her in a small crate with a favorite blankie and an irresistable treat to chew on. Maybe a warm hot water bottle under the blankie.

Let us know what you try and if it works. Rescue Remedy doesn't do anything with mine either. If you want to try Benadryl - get the liquid baby Benadryl with the dropper. I keep it in case of bee stings or cat allergies.

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Yeah I have a bottle or RR on hand all the time as well. If the first dose is not working well, redose.

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nodakgal ( I live in Fl and dread the coming Hurricane season ) and for that matter
I have a small dog that acts like your Doxie during a electrical storm and was reading the reply's about how to help with the aid of children's Benadryl. I bought a bottle today and a separate dropper with the dosages being in ML or tsp's. I looked at the link that you included and can't figure out what dosage it would be in tsp's for my 21 lb dog. Does anyone know?

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You can check with your vet, as many vets recommend keeping Benadryl in your doggy first aid kit. I think it's 1ml per pound so if you have a 20 pound dog that's 20ml.

Make sure not to buy any combo medication, just plain Benadryl with no added medications.

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Thanks Gina

But I still need to know the TSP amount as the dropper goes up to 5ML's, that means it would have to be filled full 4 times and that seems like a awful lot.

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Thanks everyone. I've been gone and just now getting back.
We don't have a crate! LOL I've thought about trying one, but our dogs have never been crated. Well, no Miss did have to be crated or leashed to a table to limit her movements from a back problem...But she hated it and so did I!
I will try half of a dose the first time and see how she does, I don't want a hyper Doxie! LOL
I will also look for the RR.

Sunshines, I really don't know, but did find this online for scratching. I copied and pasted from the link.

I've used benadryl with Lacy's itching before because she's allergic to flea bites. Even one flea getting on her will make her itch. The vet told me to get the Children's Benadryl (2.5 mg per mL). The dosage is 1mg per pound for dogs. Lacy is 7lbs and gets 3mL (can have that up to 3 times per day). So for a 12.5lb dog you would give 5mL..but of course I would check with your vet just to be sure. It makes Lacy a little sleepy sometimes, and I think it helps a little but she still scratches some. I think it helps with milder allergies but I'm not so sure for more severe allergies.

Here is a link that might be useful: link

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This sounds harsh, I know, but you need a NEW vet. Yours is painfully behind the times, and your dog is needlessly suffering for it. You should not be dealing with this alone. I'm linking an article by Mary Strauss that originally appeared in the Whole Dog Journal. Please also read this article, written by a vet, about what happened to her mom's untreated T Phobic dog. http://veterinarynews.dvm360.com/dvm/article/articleDetail.jsp?id=136493

By the way, the thunder is likely just an association to the changes in the weather that make your dog feel uncomfortable and anxious. There doesn't need to be thunder for your dog to feel the changes in static/air pressure/climate that are making her panic. As well as researching meds, try taking her to the bathroom, as that's usually the most well grounded room in the house. My Dannie, a 65 pound greyhound, gets in the bath tub for some relief when a storm is coming. I do medicate her as needed, and have a very supportive vet who has become educated in the process of the research we did. When I first contacted my vet about Dannie, the recommendation was ACE, which I knew from reading was not a good answer. ACE basically sedates a dog, and they still feel anxious but can't act it out. So the owner thinks it helps and the dog feels worse! Imagine being sedated when your in pit full of snakes to understand how ACE will help you during a panic attack. Worse, right?!

My Dannie was such a severe case that she was returned from her firsh home for T-phobia that had generalized to constant anxiety :( I fostered and kept her and she is still severely storm phobic, but it no longer lingers and corrupts the rest of her happy life. And her medications help her to stress less when the weather is changing.

Good luck with your pup.

Here is a link that might be useful: Chill Pills

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Sunshine - 1 tsp is equal to 5 ml. If your dog weighs 21 lbs,that would be 4 tsps. It's only a little more than a Tablespoon if you measure it that way. Then it doesn't seem like so much.

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We really shouldnt turn to a drug everytime there is an issue. You need to get some anxiety oil for dogs from Hailey's Garden. It works, its not going to effect his kidneys and liver, as some OTC drugs can do to dogs, and it works! My dog was a stray, he was afraid of his own shadow, nevermind a thunder storm. I got this oil, and you apply it to like his ear tips and underarms, and it calms him completely. He is a new dog now. I tell you it works!
Here is the link I used.

Here is a link that might be useful: haileys dragonfly garden

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