New camera pointers - help...

ritaotayNovember 30, 2006

Ok, last Friday ( 11-24 ) I went out and bought myself a Kodak EasyShare Z612 camera... I haven't opened the box yet... I'm not sure, I may have bitten off more than I can chew... lol

I wanted a camera to take pictures of food and flowers... I wanted something that takes great close-ups... The Z612 has a 12X optical zoom with image stabilization and a zillion other things that sound very intimidating...

I've read up on the camera on the Kodak site and that scared me even more... It tells you it has something for just about anything to do with photography but doesn't mention when or how you would use them... lol. I'm assuming all the instructions will be in the manual that's in my un-opened box...

Somebody please tell me I didn't make a mistake, that it's really a simple camera to use and I'll be happy with it... Just tell me if I should keep it or take it back... lol


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I looked it up at, looks like you have a really nice camera, and more important, HE says it take nice, sharp pics. It has an auto setting, start with that, and read and re-read the manual, experiment, I think you will love it. Open it up and give it a whirl!

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Should be a nice camera for what you want to do. For true macro shots, as with any shots, lighting is the key! There are nice people here that are willing to help and answer any questions you have. Enjoy your new toy.


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Thank you both, so very, very much!!!!

I really was thinking about taking it back and getting something cheaper but I know I wouldn't be happy with anything less than a 12X zoom... lol

Welp. now to open the box and start reading and reading... Thanks again... I really did need that little push.


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Remember, we all started there once!

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Rita, you have chosen a nice camera!
I was thinking to get something like this for a everyday camera.
Can you try it out for 10 days or so,... this is what I have done.
My wife has a similar camera, also 12x optical zoom, but 5 mega pixel [Canon S2IS] for about the same money and she likes it.
Please post some pics.

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Thank you.

Nope, no trial period... I got it at Circuit City and once you open the box you loose 15%... Seems simple enough, I have been able to take some pics ( lol )... But there's a lot more to learn... I booklet that comes with it really isn't all that great for a true beginner... It doesn't tell you how to hook up the strap or how to tell when to charge the batteries... Beside that the booklet lets you know about all the added features but doesn't tell you when, why or how to use them.. Although, I am very impressed with the detail of the pics.... Anyway here's one pic...

It was taken on a overcast day with only the flash for light... It's part of the lower left side of the china cabinet... I used the zoom because I was on the other side of the table... The light in the crystal ball that the dragon is holding is just the reflection of the flash...


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I've been wanting a Kodak myself. The picture you took is great! I might start saving after Christmas for a new camera, although I have a Sony that isn't very old. I think your camera is just what I've been looking for....although, I want my next camera to have Image Stabilization...does yours?

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Thank you Rita, that picture looks good!

>>I want my next camera to have Image Stabilization...does yours?

Yes it has.

Some more pictures with some action shots.

Here is a link that might be useful: More pictures

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Look around before you buy, after a $30. rebate my Z612 was $279. before taxes... It's a 6.1 megapixels with a 12 X optical zoom... Just today I saw another Kodak on sale that's a 7.1 with a 10 X optical for $249. before rebate and taxes... ( I didn't check into it because I think it's just as good or better than the one I just bought. ) Oh well, so far I'm happy with mine...

By the way, I did not install any of the software... I just plug in the USB cable, turn on the camera and the computer ( running XP Pro ) lets me know it's connected... I open the folder I want to put the pics in, click on My Computer then on the camera icon and Copy the pics to my folder...


My first eatable loaf of bread... LOL

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I went shopping for a digital camera the night before last and I had my mind on a Cannon Powershot S3, one that I have read some great reviews about. While at the store I had two different people come up to me while I was holding the display model on the Z612 that I stumbled upon. They both said that it was the best camera they have ever owned. One lady said she worked on the highschool yearbook and that the school had two $3000 Nikon DSLR's, used for yearbook photos. She took pics with her Z612 and compared them to the exact same pics taken with the Nikon, and no one could tell the difference. The Z612 has 6.1 megapixels, more than enough for most pics that amature photographers take. It has a 12x zoom lens, equivelent to a 35-45mm SLR lens. It has electronic vibration control. All these features are also on the Cannon Powershot S3, which costs $400. The Z612 I bought at Costco was $269. Reading reviews, one shortcomming of the camera is it has a tendency to not stay in focus when zooming in and out when shooting video. If you desire video footage and the quality is important, perhaps the Cannon is the better rout. I my opinion, it seems that the Z612 rivals most $400 digital cameras out there, for a whole lot less. But believe me, the more you read, the tougher it gets. After reading a couple reviews, I was on the verge of bringing it back to go with the Cannon. It seems Cannon is the choice of most gadget review sites such as cnet, pcworld, etc. but I'm going to stick with the Kodak.


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