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lawmarNovember 14, 2007

Please help me. I just bought a digital photo frame which I plan to load with pictures and give to my husband for Christmas. The frame says it takes MMC cards or SD cards. Now, I know what these cards stand for since I use the SD card in my cameras. Is there such a thing as an MMC/SD card? Also, the MMC card stands for Multimedia, I assume. The photo frame will show JPEGS and also will play music which I assume is what the MMC card is for? Would I have to get both of these kinds of cards or will just one do? Like on the SD card, I will only have pictures and the MMC card I will have both the music and the pictures - am I right about that? I would appreciate it if anybody knows anything about these frames and enlighten me. Thank you so much for your help.

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what brand/ model do you have? My frame I have uses MP3s for the music file. I put the MP3 and jpeg on the same card.

An MMC card is just another type of card that the frame is compatible to read, I dont think you need to seperate files to different cards.


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It's a Curtis. So, the way it sounds, I can use either card, huh? Thanks a lot for your help.

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