under cabinet light fluorescent or LED? Suggestion pls!!

cooking_MaMaMarch 5, 2012

I want to put some under cabinet light in my kitchen to make my kitchen brighter. I can't make up my mind that if I should go with fluorescent or LED? I heard that the LED's life is much longer, but the price is higher than fluorescent. Can anyone please give me some ideas on the difference of these two kinds? Which one should I go with?

Fluorescent: (I think I need to buy 5 of these)




Please help!!

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Phillips LED's are very nice. I just installed them but they are expensive. It was about $1500 for the whole kitchen. Fluorescents are cheaper!!

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We got LED undercabinet lights. I think they're brighter, and they last longer--over the life of the kitchen, I think they'll save money. They're better for the environment too.

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I got 3 x 34" Juno fluorescents @ $73 each. They are silent, flicker-free and provide ample warm temp task and backsplash lighting. They're usually the only light I need in the kitchen.

My GC originally installed cheap xenon pucks without any input from me. Their shadows were harsh and warmed the shelf where I keep my chocolate. The low-voltage wiring made all my radios buzz. I lost it and made him replace the wiring with 120v and install the lights I purchased.

Since that happened, I have replaced my over-the-sink can with an LED and it is awesome. I would consider replacing my fluorescent UCLs with LEDs too at some point. Until then, the fluorescents work well and are budget-friendly.

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We went with LEDs for our undercab lighting and have them installed with a dimmer. Couldn't be happier. We purchased them from Elemental Lighting online which also has wonderful customer service. You can get more info on UCL over on the Lighting forum. It's only been a week but we're enjoying our decision. The LED strips were relatively affordable at ~$24 each and we spent roughly $450 for our entire kitchen... I was under impression that we would end up spending close to $1500 so very happy with the price. For something that is environmentally friendly and suppose to last for years... It was worth it. And we have no qualms about keeping lights on all night long.

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We put in fluorescents puck lights...yes...puck lights. got them at HomeDepot - they are made by Hampton Bays and a set of three (linkable) were only $32. I love them - they are a nice warm white

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We found it helpful when considering this choice to think about the color of the lighting. Fluorescents are "cold," and will not show the true color of your countertop or backsplash. That may not be important to you, but if you're installing $$$ granite or quartz, please spend the extra money on LEDs so you can enjoy your beautiful surfaces and appreciate their true colors.

We chose Kichler LEDs for our kitchen and put fluorescents in the DR (because we don't spend a lot of time in there). Our LED UCLs are now failing (18 months after installation) and our lighting provider has agreed to provide replacement fixtures (but not installation) for free. I'm more than a little annoyed, but still love my LED UCLs.

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karen_belle, not all fluorescents are the same, and not all produce a cold light. My units have a 3000 color temp and the perceived output is quite similar to the incandescent and LED cans in my kitchen.

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I agree, not all fluorescents are the same. I, in fact, think many LEDs can be "too white/cold". Mine are, I think, 2700 color temp - very much like an incandescent

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We've been looking into under cabinet lighting. We found LED tape that isn't expensive.

It's a five meter long tape that can be cut into smaller sections (I'm not sure what that is in feet, but it's big enough for our kitchen)

The tape costs the equivalent of about 40 dollars and each motor piece? (the piece that attaches to the electricity to light it up) is another 15 dollars.

Another benefit is that it's a flat tape, so it won't stick out. We haven't finished our kitchen yet, so I have no idea how well it'll work when it's in.

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we got our LED undercabinet lighting through Environmental Lighting, just like Dragonfly08. They are fantastic to work with. Our lights are a warm white and they are not cold or blue at all. They look wonderful. We also put ours on a wall dimmer. I think our total was under $600.

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Don't forget about dimmability. We went with Philips direct-wire, dimmable LEDs.

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I'm buying all the components off ebay, transformer,5050 SMD led lights wires etc and it all will cost about 50. Just another option, to get the same effect cheaply its been pretty simple so far

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We installed the undercab LEDs from Lowes, with the Utilitech label. They are produced by Kichler, but way less expensive. They are plug-ins, but we had them hard wired by the electrician. The light is clear and bright. They do not dim, but I have, never even once, wanted to dim them. They are perfect work lights. I light them early in the AM, and if the day is overcast, I keep them on all day. They seem to make the room and us very happy.

They come in 3 different lengths; the most expensive is about $80 US for the 27".

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I am going with UC LED dimmable light bars. I looked at tape, pucks, etc and decided on the light bars from GM lighting - the bad news - they are on back order :-( but we will complete the wiring and have installed when they come in. I went to a lighting store and played with various options to see which had the least reflection and best lighting.
Check in under lighting and Davidtay will chime in.

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