Nikon Coolpix L810 anyone? Focusing issues...

SnailLoverNovember 2, 2013

I could use some advice on macro shots, which is mostly what I use the camera for. Often, when I press the button slightly to get it into focus, as soon as it beeps (which is supposed to signal that it's in focus) the image then goes slightly out of focus and the photo turns out the same way. I can rarely get the same quality shot that I'm seeing in the display. It's not a shaky hand either, because the same thing happens if I have the camera rested on something stationary.

Another related question: When I'm zoomed in really close, the subject will come into sharp focus for just a quick moment, but then it goes back to fuzzy again and does not re-focus. I either have to zoom out or move the camera back to get a clear shot, but then I lose the magnification I was aiming for.

It's frustrating that I can see the subject come into focus in such clarity, but I can't get the photo to look the same way. I normally use auto mode and haven't played with the other settings too much. Anyone know what I'm doing wrong?

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Hi SnailLover

I'm no expert, but I do know your frustration.
It might be a couple of things. Even tho your camera is on something stationary, your hand is still on the shutter, to get it to focus. Just the slightest movement when zoomed that close may cause it to try and find the focus again. Try using your timer.

As for the image being in focus, then going out of focus, most likely you are closer to the object than your camera or lens allows. Sometimes, just backing off a tiny bit will allow the camera to focus.

And, by all means....TAKE IT OFF AUTO and play with it! :)

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Hi jeaninwa,

Thanks for your reply. The weird thing is that the object will come into focus, but then it pops out of focus just as I'm ready to snap the photo. Seeing it so clear in the display tells me that it's capable of the clear shot, but it doesn't stay there. Maybe I am jiggling the camera as I press the button. I'll try using my elbows to keep the camera stationary. And I will take it off Auto and play around. Thanks! :)

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Jeaninwas' advice is spot on. auto mode means you have a limited number of focal points and how many depends on the camera. In manual mode if you can see it so can your camera. I found that using the veiw finder instead of the display screen when i was getting a feel for manualy focusing helpful.

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Poppng into and then out of focus may mean that the auto focus feature was having trouble focusing and was searching and did not find a condition that met its criterion. If it can't focus, it may default to infinity. This happened for early Nikons when the subject was too indistinct for the focus feature to work such as open sky.

For closeup work, make sure that you are using the macro mode, or close up mode. I'm not familar with your camera, but some digital cameras have a warning indicator in the viewfinder that shows when you are out of its operating range. If you have one of these, pay attention to it. Several cameras will zoom beyond its working range (close ups) and result in fuzzo-graphs instead of sharp focus. Your camera manual should describe the minimum distance to which it can focus. This will vary depending on the amount of zoom.

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Jemdandy, I did discover the macro mode and it's helped a lot. Also better lighting seems to make a big difference. Thanks for this information.

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hI Snaillover, I just remembered on my camera switching the auto focus from continuous to one shot was critical to doing close up still shots.

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