annie1992December 13, 2013

Yeah, it only took me what? Three years? I couldn't possibly make something while it was at the height of popularity, you know. (grin)

So, I decided to make macarons. I have almonds, so I'll just grind them up with the powdered sugar in the food processor and shake them through a sieve. Yeah. Well, my first advice to someone considering trying macarons is to buy nut flour already ground, what a pain in Or lower.

I never did manage to get finely ground almond flour, I had about half a cup of big chunks after several rounds in the food processor. Toss them back in and voila! I got almond butter. (sigh) Eventually I gave up and called it good enough.

Whip the egg whites. Add the granulated sugar gradually. Whip to stiff peaks. Fold in the almond mixture. Not too much, but just enough to deflate the batter. Put it all into a plastic bag, squeeze out dollops onto parchment paper which I had tediously drawn circles upon and put ink side down. Whack the sheet trays on the counter a couple of times, then a couple of times more. Then wait. Wait a bit longer. Wait until the tops are no longer tacky.

OK, this is getting tedious. Into the oven go the cookies. One tray at a time, to ensure even baking.

Finally! Macarons! Some were lovely and had the requisite "feet":

Some were flatter, with smaller feet.

A few cracked, for no particular reason, when the cookies all around them were perfect:

I sandwiched them with Nutella and put the cracked ones on the bottom, for appearances sake, LOL.

So, it took two hours of intermittent fiddling to get 15 cookies. Small cookies at that. Yeah. Of course, Elery loves them, which would be the only reason I'd make them again. They are good, but not THAT good.


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Well, they look lovely!

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Ahhh, the things you do for love.

Sounds like a song title, doesn't it? (Smile)

They look delish! Elery is a lucky man.


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I love macarons but in the humid South I can only make them in the winter. I don't like artificial coloring so I used beet powder for a speckled effect and some turmeric in another batch for golden yellow. It does take forever to make these little gems, I agree. Yours look lovely, Annie.

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I bow down to you, Annie. I'd never try that! I do adore macarons and dragged a bunch of them back from Paris. I've been meaning to make a pilgrimage to one of the French bakeries around here to get some.Tres bien, Mme Annie.

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When I read your title I thought, Huh, Ambitious! I've heard tale they're persnickety. But you did well. They look tasty to me.


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This is so instructive! How long did they have to sit before tacky feel disappeared?

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I was reminded this week why I hardly ever make Christmas cookies that you roll out, cut out and then frost/decorate. They are good, but not that good. Actually the store bought ones taste better than mine! So you only do it if you have lots of time but no money. That's the way I feel about a lot of baked goods. Some I can make better than the stores, but others not so much. I must say though Annie, you macarons look fabulous. I can't imagine store bought ones tasting as good, particularly the nutella filling. That was inspired genius!

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Even at minimum wage that's about a buck each just in labor, LOL!

I remember threads about them a while back. And decided I didn't need to make them! Yours look great; pefect idea for the cracked ones!

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They look good to me......I would not have any trouble eating all 15. Not sure I want try making them tho. Shirl

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Thanks, everyone, they were cute little devils, at least.

Kitchendetective, it took about half an hour in my admittedly cold (50F) kitchen for them to lose their tacky texture.

Now I read on blogs that many people don't let them sit and they still come out fine. Figures.....

I might have to make them again just to see. (grin)


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I love them too, however you're a better person than me! Now I understand why they charge upwards of $1.50 for each!
Wish I was there to eat the "uglies"! LOL

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Ellen, if you were here, I'd make a whole 'nother batch, just for you!


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Annie -- you sound busier retired !

those look so good-- way to much trouble for me to tackle but I wouldn't have any trouble eating a few. Nice job.


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Those look good Annie. Easily as good/pretty as the ones you got at the Sugar Fixe in Chicago last year!

Bet they tasted as good, too!


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I don't think I've ever had a macaroni. I would love to try one. Are they really sweet? I don't do really sweet.

What I like about yours, Annie, is that you didn't dye them. I have a hard time eating anything with lots, or any food coloring.


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Annie, they look delicious!

I've been wanting to try them
ever since I first heard about them,
here on the CF.

After reading your comments about them,
I'm not sure if you've convinced me to try,
Or to just forget it! :>)

Although I guess it really doesn't sound
A whole lot worse than German Cinnamon Stars.


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Annie, those look so good! I'm another that wouldn't try them because I'm sure I'd create small disasters.


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AnnieB, macarons are a classic confection, and will never fall out of fashion.
Yours are gorgeous; they look like cute little French berets - and those have never gone out of fashion either.

I've had them, loved them, yet never made them (shrug).


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