Cat's Sore butt problem

angela_miaMay 7, 2007

My cat came home today with a red, swollen anus and seems to have poo matted in his fur round his bottom. It doesn't seem to be causing him much pain but he is protesting a lot when I try to clean it off. He also has a couple of scratches on his back legs so it could have been a catfight that caused his strange injuries, however there is a herd of cattle in the field beside my house and the cat keeps coming home with tics on his fur. I'm wondering if this is connected to his problem or not. Does anybody know of diseases or infections caused by tics?

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Tics can cause a lot of diseases and there are monthly pills you get from the vet to protect from most of them.

I would clean off his bottom no matter how much he complains and keep him (again no matter how much he complains) inside for at least a day. Then you can at least see what he deposits in his litter box, what much eats, how much he drinks and if the redness and swelling go away, before you take him to the vet.

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On the darker side of things. Is it possible that your cat could have been sexually abused? (no I am not trying to be funny or crude). I think I would get him to a vet.

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Lostnca, Thats exactly what came to my mind. I had it done to a dog i had and i think i would have been capabable of murder if i had caught the
*^#!~%# that did it. my dog had problems with his bowels the rest of his life but he still lived a long happy life.

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Angela, did you take your cat to the vet? Keep us updated on this please.

Hoping it's not what Lorie and Vickie mentioned; just darn disgusting, what 'humans' could stoop to ... shucks :-(

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Sad part of all of this is I used to volunteer with a family and child abuse program and worked with special needs. I have seen the results of this done to children and sadly one of the stepping stones for children who grow up to be abusers is the abuse of animals. The young child that was abused was never able to control their bowel after the incident.

If it's found to be that the vet should notify the authorities and at least there will be a record, and maybe will help stop it from happening to another animal or worse a child. (patterns emerge from these behaviors).

Let us know what happens with your cat Angela.

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Oh my, that is about all I can say on how this question changed.

The cat has a red, swollen anus and poo matted in the fur around his bottom. As clean as cats are my first thought is he has diarehha and/or an infection.

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The red swollen anus probably came from having poo loaded with bacteria matted onto it for some time. Sounds like it is very inflamed, if not infected. Kitty needs to see a vet to have his butt cleaned up and get proper meds for it.

Ticks can transmit a host of diseases, including Babesiosis, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Lyme disease, Haemobartonellosis, Cytauzoonosis, and tick paralysis. Those are just the diseases cats can get- if any of the ticks get on you, add Southern Tick-Associated Rash Illness, and Tick-borne relapsing fever. Those are just the diseases we know about. There are no pills that you can give a cat that kill ticks. But Frontline Plus for cats kills ticks safely. I wouldn't use any OTC products on kitties because 1) many are very unsafe for cats- many cats have died but the products are still sold (I don't know why) 2) most don't work worth a darn. Just save the time, money, and trouble and get the Frontline (spray or topical) while you are at the vets. And keep an eye on your kitty for evidence of tick-borne diseases. None of those diseases cause a red swollen anus, but many are fatal if not treated. Cytozoonosis is generally fatal even when treated, so preventing ticks from getting on your cat is extremely important if you are in an area with that disease.

Please keep us posted on how your cat is doing. Good luck!

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Hmmm, look at the posters sign in day.. think we been had? Oh well, our (all of our)advice and concern has been genuine.

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>>Hmmm, look at the posters sign in day..

Not quite sure why that raises suspision. Is it because she registered with gardenweb the same day she posted? I would think maybe she did a web search on the subject and it brought her to the pet's forum... just curious why you think it's not a legit post...

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Asks a question and does not give feed back.. reply or anything? Maybe I'm just the suspicious type? ;)

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I think she's more likely than anything to have either taken the cat to the vet and gotten her answers, or the cat got better, so she didn't bother coming back. A lot of people do that, I think I've done that to other forums before too.

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My cat has also had this problem. She gains so much weight over the winter that she cannot reach her bottom to clean well and ends up with a red swollen anus. We have tried to clean but virtually impossible. As she looses the weight (when she is able to get outside and get some exercise) she is able to clean her bottom and the problem always goes away. We now have her on a diet to try and permanently put an end to this problem. Hope this info has been useful.

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Stumbled on this when I googled this exact situation with my kitten. She has this exact problem, begining yesterday. She eats and drinks just fine but my first thought was parvo or rape also.We have very limited neighbors but mmaybe rape by a full grown male cat? She would be in a FIRST cycle IF at all. We Put a dab of preperation h on her a few hours ago and the swelling is much improved. If no better tomorrow she will go to the vet to be checked. If you hear nothing more from me it will be because there was nothing to report. Please pray for Little Pricilla. God Bless and Thank You.

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I have a 2 and a half week old kitten who's bum is raw. I also noticed two spots on the backs of his back legs that are raw as well. Momma kitty is doing a great job cleaning him, but he protests quite loudly so I know he's hurting. The only thing that 'happened' to him since he was born is that he fell into a litter box, a clean one, that I had set up at the end of my bed for the Mom. My sisters boyfriend said he found him and cleaned him up. I don't know if he used soap of any kind. When I looked at the kitten immediately following the clean up, I noticed his bum was raw and red, really looked like it was bleeding but it wasn't.
Any suggestions???

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