Anyone have a microwave DRAWER?

kath0000March 22, 2013

I recently heard about these microwaves that are drawers and can be mounted lower than a standard microwave for convenience and safety. Seems like a great idea for us. But does anyone own one of these? I worry about the novelty factor and reliablility. Looks like Sharp, Decor and Viking make them but they are $$$.

Thanks! Katherine

Here is a link that might be useful: Amazon Drawer Microwaves

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A lot of us have them on here including me.

Sharp is very reliable. These are made in the USA.

Sharp is the only manufacture and puts different skins on it for various brands including Dacor and Viking.

Something that is not practical just beautiful or unique is a novelty.

It saves space on your countertop. You don't need to bend down or grab over your head.

Many of us here buy the refurbished ones on Ebay. Sharp brand. Comes with 90 day warranty instead of 1 year. Most have not had any problems.

One year and Three year warranty are available at extra charge from Sharp.

$499 with free shipping.

Here is a link that might be useful: LINK

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I've only had mine since Nov., but no problems and I like it very much. I am 4'10" and under counter is just a better location for the MW for my use. But I love that I don't need to bend over to pull things out. Yes, it is more expensive, but it is also much more convenient. This was my one "gadget" in our new kitchen. DH got a beverage fridge. We are both very happy. (and he loves the MW and I love the bev fridge)

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Yes -- there are many posts on GW on micro drawers that you may want to read.

We installed our microwave drawer in September 2011.
The microwave drawer is one of the most functional additions to our new kitchen. For those of us who have long struggled to figure out where to put the microwave, they are too functional to be a fad. Like the wall oven, they seem like a solution to a problem that will have lasting appeal.

Certain features of the microwave drawer may change over time -- how they are vented, how the drawer opens, etc. But I think people will continue to install them as long as the microwave continues to be a major appliance in American kitchens.

The only downside in my opinion is that they cost more and require a cabinet that fits specific dimensions.

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I've had mine for 4 years and haven't had a problem. BUT, it is EXTREMELY difficult to clean. You have to be a contortionist to be able to reach the top and the back of the box (not the drawer itself, but the box it's housed in). So, if you (and everyone else who uses it), doesn't splatter anything, you're fine. People on here have said they just stand to the side to clean it. Obviously they are not getting down low enough to look up at the top of the box to see all the gross gunk up there. You can't stand to the side and reach the back.

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Yes, difficult to clean especially if you have children that want to be helpful by helping themselves to heating up food. For our new home, I am hiding an $89 microwave in my pantry on a shelf with my Kuerig...sort of a "mini" butler's pantry.

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I have the sharp microwave drawer. I was hoping to find a picture of it, but i only have this one from before the cabinets where installed

I love it. DH loves that you can just stir the food without taking it out of the microwave.
So far i have not had a problem keeping it clean, but we mostly use it for tv dinner that don't make a big mess.

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My MWD is not installed yet so I can't speak to the cleaning issue but I wanted this kitchen to appeal to a broader market when we sell. A MWD is perfect for families-easy for kids to use. It takes them out of the cooking path,less chance of spilling down onto them. Fits for an aging in place scenario as well. Easy to use from a sitting(wheelchair) position.I got mine off of Craigslist for $275. But I did see one in Orlando Craigslist for $300 . You might get lucky and get one from a home owner looking to cash out before foreclosure. For me, the price at HD-999 was over my budget.

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Thank you so much for the comments. Are they powerful enough to heat well? Sounds like eBay may be a good option. Does Sharp sell on eBay (or how do they extend the warranty otherwise?)?

Thanks for the great comments! Katherine

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They are 1000 W, which I find very powerful.

Here is a link that might be useful: Sharp's website

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They heat VERY well and have features like sensor reheat that allows me to put a cold or frozen dish in and push one button and wait for it to be served piping hot. No defrost, check, defrost, stir, more time, stir, more time -- maybe it's ready.

Mine was installed before there were refurbished ones available -- about 6 1/2 years ago. We splurged because it may the rest of the layout work when we didn't have to consider working an above counter micro in. Only thing I would do differently the next time is not hesitate to buy it.

I don't find it any more of a pain to clean than any other micro, but we all tend to use some kind of a cover over things that are likely to splatter.

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I also have one and we've been using it for 5 years now with no problems. We love it! I used to think that I would rather have a built-in one, but over the years we've found that we really do prefer this setup and would do it again even if we had the space for a built-in one.

Cleaning isn't bad at all...unless you let it get really bad, but then it's no worse than trying to clean out a countertop model. Take a warm, wet, & soapy dishcloth and run it over the ceiling a few times and you should be able to get it clean quickly. If it's bad, try boiling water or water + vinegar in the MW for a few minutes - it softens just about everything. Then, just wipe clean.

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Buehl, what do you mean you'd rather have a built-in one? The drawer model IS a built-in one :)

The problem with cleaning is being able to reach what needs cleaning. It is very easy to wipe up (just put a pyrex measuring cup full of water in and heat it until it's boiling, then let set for 5 minutes), just like any other microwave. The problem is being able to see and reach the very back and top.

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Another microwave drawer owner here. We really like it and use it everyday. The newer models have many great features - sensor reheat being one of my favorites. It has not been a problem to clean, but we also wipe up spills and run a dishcloth over the "ceiling" of the MWD.

Sharp also manufactures Wolf microwaves. As far as price, we purchased ours from a local retailer. It was more than the deals mentioned in this thread.

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Love my Sharp microwave drawer. I love that my kids can use it so easily. We use it daily to reheat leftovers or defrost frozen meat.

It is not powerful as my old GE microwave and it doesn't have as many preset options, but I still love mine. So happy I got it. The lowere placement works so much better that having it in an upper cabinet.

I use the drawer below the MW for tupperware and other storage (but I never MW in plastics, I use plates).

As for cleaning it, I do occassionally heat a lemon vinegar mix and run the MW for about a minute and wipe it down. I imagine a big mess in the MWD would be harder to clean if it got on the top of the interior, but so far it hasn't happened.

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You're right Catbuilder! I meant a built-in in an oven stack! (I should have been in bed at 3:30 in the morning!)

We're a tall family and have no problems cleaning (although I will admit I do of the MW cleaning!) I do bend over and look up at the ceiling, but it's not bad and it's only a brief time and the times I do it are few and far between.

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Do any of the MW drawers have a turntable?

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Is there a remote to operate the controls - I would find it difficult to bend down to push the buttons - no rug rats around here to operate it.
I initially wanted one but then decided I didn't want to have to crawl down to the floor to push the buttons.

Also, someone spilled milk in their drawer and was having a dickens of a problem getting rid of the smell - of course that could happen with any MWs.

MWs have come a long way since the NYC World's fair - that was my first exposure to a MW!

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Cleaning concern is a big problem for me as well. I try not to make messes or explosions in them but occassionally it will happen so I am opting out of that drawer style. I think I will be purchasing the Advantium and it will go eye level for us.

Good luck on your decision.

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Our Sharp controls are 31"off the floor, love the MW drawer. A2 - just how tall are you?!!

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Our microwave drawer controls are 32 inches off the floor. My hands hang down below the control panel -- so no problem using it.

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I was initially very resistant to a MWD. I worried about seeing the controls, cleaning it, the drawer movement splashing liquids around, and the drawer being too slow for me (I was used to opening quickly and slamming shut). But for a variety of reasons, it was the best solution for us, so I gave in. And I am SO GLAD I did.

Even at 5'10", I have no trouble seeing the controls. Cleaning it hasn't been an issue, I give the ceiling and back a "blind" wipe each day, and maybe once a week or so bend over and crane my neck to check for nasties - haven't been any yet. The drawer movement is smooth enough that we haven't had any spills, even though it opens plenty fast for me.

I like that the MW is hidden behind the island, I already have enough appliances on view. I love that I didn't have to give up counter space for something I use for steaming veggies, melting butter and reheating leftovers. I love that I can open the drawer, fiddle with the dish (stir, add, taste, etc), and close the drawer without ever taking the dish out. And as a microwave, it functions way better than our old one (which was admittedly awful, a very old, tiny Quasar OTR).

It was expensive (I didn't look on eBay), but compared to the cost of the remodel, it was in the noise. I would definitely do it again, we have no regrets.

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So do you all have Sharp microwaves? Or are there other good brands worth looking at? I have never had a Sharp anything before.

And Wolf is made by Sharp? I had no idea! Thanks again for the very helpful comments. We are designing our kitchen and it sounds like this is going to be a good addition...


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Most, if not all, MW drawers are made by Sharp. Sharp rebadges their drawers for other manufacturers by changing the outside look a little, sometimes changing a minor option, and then putting another "name" on it. Then, the other manufacturers hike the prices and you pay far more for the same inner workings and 99.9% of the options than you would pay for a Sharp.'s not just the MW drawers. Sharp also rebadges their other MWs for other manufacturers. E.g., the Dacor built-in/wall MW I really wanted (but had no room for) is a rebadged Sharp.

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Sharp has the patent on the cooking technology used in the micro drawer and they license the others.

Cleaning is not hard. Put a cup of water in and heat it for about 2 minutes. Let it sit a few minutes, and then wipe it out. Wiping it with a damp towel works too, but I like the way the steam really releases anything and you can so easily wipe it out.

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Regarding a turntable: The MW drawers do not have a turntable b/c they don't need one. The technology they use (probably part of the patent Lascatx mentioned) eliminates the need for a turntable. I saw a brief write-up and pic once about it, but I don't know where it is now.

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Thanks for the great comments. So can I make good popcorn in it? I know it's a silly question but some microwaves are either too small (not tall enough) for a full bag or burn it to death (like ours). The turntable sometimes help avoid burns in the bag with microwave popcorn so I want to make sure this would work.

We eat popcorn almost nightly so this is a biggie for me. :) Otherwise I am sold on this and will request that the architect put on in our new kitchen plans.

Again, thanks!


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I've made popcorn in my drawer a few times. Works well. No issues. No issues seeing the controls either at my 5'8" height. Very easy to use.

I've accidentally overheated butter when melting a few times in my 16 months of ownership. Everything else I put in is covered. Yes, you must bend sideways to clean the roof, but it's not tough and it doesn't happen often. It's a small, acceptable trade off to me for all the other conveniences of the drawer.

I saved hundreds on mine as a reconditioned Sharp unit on ebay.

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We have one and love it! We got lucky and found one on floor model clearance. The dealer found out someone had put it on with the plastic bag inside and ruined it so we got a brand new one as a replacement at the same price.

You don't have to kneel to the floor to press the buttons (really??)!!! It's super easy to use and I don't find it any more difficult than any other microwave to clean - although I will say that we don't use a microwave for most of our cooking and if something splatters I just wipe it up straight away before it dries on. I like the idea of the cup of water and steam though!

For us it was ideal. We have a big island so it's great to have the microwave tucked away, not eating up counter or wall space.

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ljcrochet do you have the 30" model, or does anyone else. For cabinet symmetry purposes a 30" drawer would work better in my kitchen but I am worried it will be too big.

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kam76, the 30" model is exactly the same inside as the 24" model. The only difference is the trim kit on the 30" one so you can put it in a stack of other 30" ovens, warming drawers, etc. The trim kit just makes it look bigger, you don't get a bigger microwave. So it all depends on how you want it to look. Personally, if nothing is going over/under it, I'd get the 24" model. You can always put it in a 27" drawer cabinet. Why spend the extra?

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We've had ours since November 2012 and love it! It's a Sharp 30" model. Very easy to see controls. We use it several times daily to make oatmeal, steam veggies, reheat coffee, etc. Great warming function. I haven't found any detriment not having a turntable.

We needed to have the microwave in the island. I looked at a GE that was a regular MW and you could buy a trim kit to make it look built in. The cost for the trim kit was so pricey that it wasn't going to be much of a cost savings. Plus the drawer really adds a "cool" factor to the kitchen.

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I purchased a Wolf 30" MWD and want to stack it below a single oven. Does anyone have recommendations for a preferred height? Both for the MWD and the single oven. My wife is about 5'1" and I'm 5'10". We don't have any little ones, but want to be sensitive to resale.

Would mounting the MWD the same height as if it were undercounter be just right? Or would a bit higher be better? Any thoughts or ideas would be appreciated.

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Elliowb, personally, I wouldn't put the MWD any higher than as if it were undercounter. That's how it's designed to be installed and used. The oven should be high enough so that you can take out a heavy pan straight at you without bending or reaching up. Most oven installation manuals have recommended instal heights. Go to a showroom and see what works for you.

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I have the Sharp as well. Been using it for over a year. Love it. There has been a couple of times that a container might have been too tall (Like the Good Season Salad dressing bottle) where I put it in the MW for a few seconds since the olive oil thickens in the fridge.

My only wish is that you could press the start button before the drawer closes. You can enter the time/setting but can't press start until the drawer is fully closed. Start should act like close when the drawer is fully open to save a step. Minor gripe though.

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elliob, my MWD is in the stack with drawers, combi oven, cabinet, with an adjacent counter top. I haven't put it in yet, but I chose to put the top of the unit even with the 36" counter top, so about 2" higher than "standard". DW is 5-5, I am 5-10. Have you tried one in a store for height?

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Perfect thread thanks. Just finished installing 90% of my kitchen and when I saw the cut out for the microwave drawer I was having second thoughts - but you guys confirmed it was a great investment thanks.

I went with it because
- I wanted to maximize my countertop space (my kitchen isn't big)
- I wanted to keep my kitchen modern with technology
- I love the way it looks

Also, I really wished I went with the 30" instead but after reading here the inside is the same size it was a relief =)

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Alex House

What rubs me the wrong way is the premium charged for the drawer feature.

Over at AJ Madison the Sharp drawer microwave with 1.2 cubic feet capacity and 1,000 watts power is offered at $789.71 while a countertop model from Sharp with 1.3 cubic feet capacity and a similar 1,000 power unit is offered for $129.

You can buy 6 countertop models and still have change left over for the price of the drawer model.

So, for me, the question here is not the power and design features of the microwave, it's simply how much am I willing to pay for the drawer feature. Is it worth $660?

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AlexHouse, it is probably even more expensive than that for a drawer, since it isn't likely to last as long. My counter top unit was still working after 22 years, when I removed it for the remodel tear out.

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We just finished our house build and have the 30 inch Sharp drawer microwave installed into our island. I had some concerns about awkward positioning and my ability to touch the control panel.

My fears were unfounded. Everyone in the family loves the microwave, and it is easy to reach in and put in and take out food.

We did have one problem after two weeks of use. We would use the microwave and the food would not heat up all of a sudden. After reading the manual and making sure that we haven't entered demo mode accidentally, I turned to the Internet and did a web search. Turns out one cause was that the door was not completely closed, which did not allow the microswitches to completely close, and therefore, as a safety feature, the heating function was disabled (even though the microwave fan ran and the microwave looked like it was working.

I fixed it by flicking the two hook switches (latches) up and down a few times, and then when the microwave door was closed, I pushed it close just to "seal" it and to close it squarely. Sure enough, next time I used the microwave, it worked as before.

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