Wilbur update

Elly_NJMay 9, 2009

Sat May 9

I have a personal trainer now. Wilbur.

It has been raining in the north east for fully a week. But I have kept him busy. If I did not, I would not be able to do anything. Meeting friends, playing with other dogs, and his favorite friend, CCI pup Zack (12 weeks) and Konar (18 months, turning in in a few weeks).

Yesterday I had to teach 21 4th grade girl scouts. I do that all week, and intermittently introduce him to smaller classes to older (grades 2 & up) kids). He is so wonderful with children. As obnoxious as he has been with playing with other dogs, he is calm, sweet and gentle with children. I wonder if Mo and Steff have children, or exposed him to children from day one?

The biggest achievement has been the reward of working him with my cats. The cats, used to dogs but not devildogs chasing them in play, wait on the stairs or landing. After much work and hot dog bits, he does an automatic sit-stay at the top of my stairs as we enter my apartment. He waits for me at the top of the stairs. I know he is waiting for a reward, and he sure gets it, and so do I.

I bought a baby pool, and even though it was just a window of non-rain, we went for a walk, dove in a few puddles and played in the kiddie pool to end the session. Always training in between.

He has calmed down a great deal, and played appropriately at last puppy class and in the last week. I have been learning how to roll with and work with him, so I am sort of proud of both of us.

He does not miss me when another CCI puppy raiser keeps him for the day, nor when a friend held him on leash in the school as I unloaded my car. Excellent for a service dog.

Things to work on: not getting over excited with other dogs; basic training (coming along nicely); not worrying about things (worrisome things usually resolve themselves with maturity or training.)

I cannot seem to get the specific links to the newer videos here.

Here is a link that might be useful: Wilbur videos

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Sounds like you are both doing great! I like that part about 'not worrying.' Very true. Working with a dog is productive, worrying isn't :)

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I got Wilbur in April 2010, when he was 8 weeks old.

Today I learned that he has been teamed with a young man with cerebral palsy.

He made it through 5 months of advanced training (Aug 14 - Jan 29 - I got monthly reports) and now is teamed as a service dog.

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You ROCK!!! Keep up the good work

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