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texashottieNovember 11, 2007

Hi. I don't usually post here--but I am thinking of getting a good camera soon and taking up photography. I was just wondering if anyone here travels lots and would be interested in sharing their pics? I noticed there wasn't a "Travel forum" where people could exchange ideas and photos... I messaged GardenWeb and made the suggestion, but I don't think they'll do anything with it unless others also were interested....

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"good camera" - there lots of good camera, some people become loyal to a brand. I have owned Canon, Nikon, and Olympus. I shoot mostly with Olypmus, but each has their benefit that draws people to them.
What are you looking for?

Point and shoot
Megapixels (should not be the deciding factor!)

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I have a point and shoot right now. Olympus.

We're thinking about the SLR. We've read about the Nikon versus Canon. We intend on doing an African safari soon and have been recommended Nikon d/t durability of body and holding up better than Canon to dust, dirt, etc.

Still weighing out pros and cons.

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Those are both lovely photos. It's nice to have new people join the forum and bring some new interests with them. Pleases tell us where the pix were taken.


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Is rain and dust going to be an issue? What price range are you looking to bea at?


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Nice pice! Czechoslovakia and ?


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It's rumored that the Nikon will be making the APS lenses obsolete (DX) as their high-end camera is now a 35 mm sensor. So in 5-10 years my lens will be no good?

That makes me want to go for a Canon, but I worry that their body is not as "tough" as a Nikon. I did own a Rebel and dropped it once, and it was never quite the same. :( That experience alone makes me shy from the Canon.

I'm looking at mid-range in pricing.

Thank you, Beancounter, for the warm welcome. Kentucky, I'm pretty impressed with you! That first pic is Josefov, the Jewish quarter in Prague. The second pic is the Winter Carnaval in Quebec City.

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The rebel as made from a plastic body, they have magnesium alloy bodies, solid as a rock - weigh as much too! The larger the sensor the larger the lenses have to be as well. When a digital sensor is the same same size as the old 35mm standard, it is referred to as full frame(FF).

I had the D50, got rid of it within 3 months. It had horrible banding issues.

I was given the Canon Rebel XT, and I bought the Olympus E500. Canon had better low light performance but other than that the Olympus just blew out of the water. I keep finding myself grabbing the Oly instead of the Canon. The dollar for dollar the Oly was better as well.

I needed (wanted) a rubber sealed camera, to deter dust and water. I chose the Oly E-1. I was able to get the E-1, with battery grip for $450. I couldn't pass that up. Magnesium exterior, weather sealed and battery grip - no brainer. The only draw back was that it was 5 MP. Again the IQ of the sensor was(is) so good that I am printing 16x20 inch print from it. Oly is introducing a new "pro" camera, the E-3. It should be at the stores any day now.

I am drooling over the D80 right now, though. I played with that camera awhile back. If I didn't already have lenses for the Oly system, I might be the owner of a Nikon.

I don't think Nikon is going anywhere. Canon is #1 one in sales and Nikon is #2, Oly being #3. Sony is trying to get into the game but I am not convinced just yet, they aggressive about making improvements, though.

Where are you located?

Visit the forums at, lot of knowledge there.


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Very nice pictures. I thought the 2nd one might be from the Minneapolis Winter Carnival. I like the idea of a travel Forum, also. Or could we just post pictures here from our travels?
Thanks Zjoe for your thoughts on cameras. I have a point and shoot Kodak but, have been craving an SLR. Maybe if I'm really good for Christmas....

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I just realized that my last question might seem a little creepy over the internet....

I just wanted to suggest that if you were located in the DFW area, for to Arlington Camera (Cooper & Randal Mill). A very helpful bunch and they have employees that shoot with all brands and models. I think you will get the best 'salesperson' info there. Also, at the Arlington Fryes, there is a gentleman there (forgot his name, older guy) he used to teach photography at some school and he is very help to answer questions for all brands.


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zjoe--no, LOL, I didn't think you were creepy!! Sorry,just got back to this thread. Thanks for the info---I'm 20 mins from Arlington so that's close to me. My DH is doing most of the research on these cameras, so I will let him know. TY!! (I think this camera is my Xmas/bday gift!)

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