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missa7May 19, 2014

My dog is very skittish, it's a battle to do anything with him, even put on a collar. So I gave him a small dose of ivermectin for ear mites & then today (the next morning) he is scratching like crazy ... to the point of blood. Could this mean the mites are dying & causing his ear to itch like crazy?? I was able to get some mineral oil in there in hope that it would give him some relief & even swirl around a cotton ball, hoping that would help.

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How did you give the ivermectin..........topical or oral? Ear mites dying wouldn't cause more itching.
I suggest a visit to the vet to make sure there isn't also an ear infection going on.

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If ivermectin is put directly into the ear, it first needs to be diluted at a rate of 1 drop ivermectin to 99 drops mineral oil. If you put ivermectin into your dog's ear full strength, I would have to assume that it was EXTREMELY irritating - perhaps even damaging. You should call your vet immediately and ask how to proceed.


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My daughter used olive oil in the ear for our cat's ear mites. We read that the chemicals are too harsh so we opted for a more natural approach.

It worked very well. She keeps her eye on the cat's ears and so far so good...about two weeks now.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ear Mites

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As LKZZ said, use oil.

Mites have to breathe;
all you have to do is smother them.

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I use to treat ear mites with Vaseline in rabbits. Today I might mix a bit of 7 dust with the Vaseline and try that, as I just got into chickens and some came with mites and they told me to treat with 7 dust and after 3 applications they were gone never to return.

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spedigrees z4VT

A veterinarian at Angell Memorial Hospital in Boston long ago prescribed this treatment for ear mites in cats : one dropperful of mineral oil in each ear. Don't clean out the ears with a q-tip until 10 days later, if at all. The oil kills the mites, drowns them actually. I've used this treatment over the years with complete success. No need for medication, just simple mineral oil, available at any pharmacy.

Your dog or cat won't like it and will be a greasy mess, but it will work without any skin irritation or other side effects. If you have several animals, treat them all at the same time so that you eradicate the mites from the household.

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ORGANIC apple cider vinegar (with the mother) is the answer. We had a huge problem with ear mites in our two labs and 6 barn cats. I started putting 1 Tbs. of ACV in their water every day. It took about 6 weeks to see a difference but we have done this for two years now and not a ear mite EVER.

BTW, I was told it also takes care of worms. It doesn't. Maybe if you increased the amount, it would but then the cats won't drink the water.

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The ACV with the mother is wonderful. It keeps the insects off the dogs and it does also kill intestinal worms but not completely.
I add the ACV with the mother to the chicken water and that helps keep the chickens free from worms since they free range.
I even take the stuff since I garden daily. The bugs do not pester me as much.
I hate taking the stuff. I hold my nose and drink it down with water.
In Canada they feed the ACV to the horses to keep the insects off. It does work but you must stay on it and it has to have " the mother" .
The mother is a cloudy suspension that is what makes the product effective.
I find my asthma to be more controllable when I am taking the stuff but I hate it. I feel wonderful taking it but I
hate this stuff more than dusting or washing windows.

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