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puzzlefanMay 6, 2012

I tried finding a review of cat litters for effectiveness and dust but no luck. All that came up were by companies selling their brand of cat litter. If you have changed brands recently or have a favorite clumping type to recommend I'd like to hear your review. Dust control and odor control are top concerns.

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We have been using EverClean (ES; Unscented/Fragrance Free) since it came out. Tried switching a few times, but just as quickly switched right back. It has been the best at controlling urine odor (compared to the others we'd tried).

My only beef with it (which is why we tried to find other litters over the years), is the fact that often the unscented litter is heavily scented (perfumed). Hate that, and have complained to the company regarding that a number of times. Otherwise, it really does work well. My house has never, ever smelled like "cat" (unless one has just that moment gone poop in the litter box).

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I like the scoop away scented best but it is pretty dusty. I have 4 cats in a small house so odor control is key for me. Haven't found a "dust free" that really did the job.

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I've tried the EverClean, EverClean mixed with World's Best, and the Swheat Litter. I liked the Swheat but it seemed dustier than the other 2 and am now using only World's Best.
I've also noticed my cat doesn't chew/clean the nails on her hind feet as much since I stopped using the EverClean.

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I really like World's Best.

I like Nature's Miracle litter, too, but it is very light and kicks out of the litter box easily.

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I did like Worlds Best but not all my cats would use it. :(

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Tried unscented clay litter - both me and my cat coughed. All of it stinks and is dusty. Bad for the earth, too. Then tried Worlds Best - less dust but a horrible corn smell. Yuck. Have used Swheat Scoop for a while now and like it. It has some dust but it is different - heavier somehow - and doesn't make as much of a mess. Has no real smell at all. You do need to use a deeper amount in the box for it to work but if you do that it works great. And my cat, who likes to dig in it, gives it two paws up.

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I use Tidy Cat. It clumps and absorbs smells.

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The best cat litter is the one that your cat will use.

I like World's Best but it is hard to find around here, except for tiny little bags. I use it when I can find a large bag.

Otherwise I use Swheetscoop. It clumps slightly less well than the World's Best, but still is good, and is good at odor control.

Both have a little dust, but not much and certainly not as much as some other clumping litters.

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World's Best is what I perfer as well. Im really glad that I saw this post because last month I bought it for my fist time from Dr's Foster and Smith. Its a great brand, no dust and odor control just what you are looking for! At DFS I found it in 7lbs or 17lbs bags for VERY reasonable price. You guys should check it out! :D

Here is a link that might be useful: Dr's Foster and Smith Pet Supply Company

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Another fan of Everclean ES. I find it is the best in controlling odor.

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I switched to Tidy Cat scoopable based on a recommendation of someone in one of these forums. Said to be less dusty and it is better than Fresh Step. I also tried Everclean based on recommendations here and didn't think it was better than anything else I'd used, just more expensive. I'm relatively happy with the Tidy Cat.

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