Sony DSC-S75 no drivers for vista

bug_girlNovember 9, 2007

I am so depressed, when I got my new Sony cyber shot DSC-H2, I was like it was going to be so cool, but now as I look back and compare the photos I took with my older DSC-S75, I see now that my DSC-S75 has a superior lens. It had a great macro lens. So I dusted it off, and tried to get the drivers, and I can't get them for vista. I have a memory card shot, but it won't take the memory stick. The battery packs, you cannot buy them anymore. I have only one battery pack left due to a stupid mistake in which I accidently recycled my still good batteries. It is so unfair. I was like the new camera will run on AA batteries so I will never have this problem of no batteries. The thing was when I went up in mega pixels, I assumed it would take sharper and clearer photos, and it does not. Maybe this is just a cautionary tale? What do you guys think? The older camera was 3.3, the new camera is 6 mega pixels. What gives with that? Why is not more mega pixels better?

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Looks like amazon has batteries for it. I typed dsc s75 into amazon's search engine and it popped up several plus 1 camera. Vista compatibility is a problem sony should find a work around.

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Thanks, it's funny, I feel I am being ingored on garden web, I never get replies, nothing came to my mail box and so I came back, and there was a reply. I would have find a friend running xp, the drivers are still there. I even have copy of xp, I would only need a second computer. I guess the thing was the lens is sharper and clearer, although the pixels are less on the older camera. I just feel cheated, that I have this nice camera with a better lens, and I can't use it. But, I could also buy a better camera instead of another computer. It is so frustrating. I don't want to buy anything, of course. I thought about those use batteries, but often I heard the are no good, like when you buy them. I do have one battery left for the camera.

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I found a card reader, and the batteries are still being made. I got the old camera up and running, and at the same time my new one was stolen. But, I don't feel that broken up. I never liked it. It had all these "features" but I could never tell the difference between photos taken with the features or not, and the lens was greatly inferior.

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I hardly ever get the replies in my email, either.
Have you tried taking macro shots with the H2 by zooming in? I've had quite a bit of luck with that with the H1 and H5. Also setting it on macro, and sticking the camera right by the flower.

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I got it because the old camera has no zoom, but I guess I paid too little, that was the problem. I guess my old camera has a zoom, but it didn't work very well. However, I am going back to the old camera. The H2 was lost or stolen. I took it to a dog park to take photos of my dogs, and some how it disappeared. After using it for one year, all the photos taken with it are vastly inferior.

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It is very simple, turn your camera on (not plugged into the computer) turn the top dial to the Set Up position, on the back of the camera press the down arrow until you see USB CONNECT: Normal, highlight this then press the right arrow, you will see PTP and NORMAL highlight the PTP and press the center button of the direction arrows, it should now read USB CONNECT: PTP, turn the top dial back to the normal position and plug the camera into the computer, in a couple of minutes the computer will recognise the camera the in a few seconds a window will open tha will let you import your pictures, they will go into Windows Photo Gallery. Thats all there is to it, I hope this helps.

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