Cats in the Garden - yikes!!

gabbygardnerMay 20, 2009

Does anyone have a kind/organic solution to our two beauties using my flower beds and now my box garden as a litter box???

I just got through with the younger of our two spayed females potty training. She is extremely timid and jumps as any noise. I am not sure why, she was born and raised here. I think it is because the other cat is her mother, and after she had the last litter she was very ill and turned mean to all other cats in the house, including this daughter.

Anyway, they both use the new garden and new flower bed as their own little restroom. I just can't have it, but I don't want to use a chemical or anything that might harm them or anyone else who wants to enjoy the yard, not to mention the vegetables I expect to harvest in a few months.

Any help out there????


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Cayenne pepper sprinkled around the beds you don't want used.

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& keep a spritzer bottle of water handy just in case you see them "thinking about" it.

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Put a sprinkler on a motion detector.

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If you can, get some chicken wire screen and lay pieces on the surface of the new flower bed and box garden. That will make it difficult for the cats to dig holes, which will make it less fun to poop there. Cover with a light layer of mulch to disguise the screen.

Cats don't like the smell of citrus, so shredded citrus peelings scattered around the beds would also be a deterrent.

I wonder if there's any way you'd consider keeping the kitties indoors a larger portion of the day.

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Please don't ever use cayenne pepper to ward off animals. For cats it's even more harmful since they bathe themselves. A cat licking its paws and then washing its eyes will make for a painful experience.........and not one that they will relate to the garden.

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