Dog having major panic attacks after moving - owners can't sleep

dreamywhiteMay 21, 2010

I need help. I have 3 small dogs all around the age of 11. We lived in our old home for the great majority of these dogs lives. Then we moved to an apartment for 6 months while we built a new home. In the old house the dogs would sleep in their crates in the living room every night without problems. They would also go in their crates when we left the house during the day, no problems. Then we move to an apartment and 1 of our dogs starts having major panic attacks, won't go into his crate anymore and barks all the time. Since we were at an apartment I could not allow him to bark during the day when we left so I would let him run around and he would have "accidents" when ever he felt like it. (Another reason we always crated when we left) Then at night time he would no longer sleep in his crate without barking and crying all night long, non stop. His crate was right next to our bed and next to the other dogs. But he would not stop and we could not sleep so we started to let the dogs sleep with us to allow us to sleep and prevent the apartment neighbors from complaining about the excess barking.

New house situation, we moved in when we had no flooring in only plywood. They had run of the house, few accidents but not a big deal to clean-up. They continued to sleep in bed with us because we planned on getting all new beddring and carpet very soon. Wood flooring and tile goes in main living areas and the carpet finally goes in the bedrooms and we put our new bedding on our bed. Dogs go back to crates at night and excess barking begins all night long. Crates are in our bedroom, doesn't help. Move crate to laundry room and barking gets louder and digging starts. Allow dog to roam around living room one night instead of locking him up. He starts to jump on my new furniture (which is not allowed at all) and sits by our doors crying all night long. These dogs are not allowed on our carpet because they will have an accident, this is a fact. So dog goes back into crate in laundry room and we try hard to ignore the excess barking all night long. I have major headaches every morning from not sleeping. I don't know what to do anymore. I am home all day long as I work from home, but I am very very busy and don't have a ton of time for the dogs. We have 3 small children and they keep us busy plus work. The only thing I can think of is at the old house they had a fenced in yard to run around in, but really did not get to utilize it much because they barked in excess at the neighbors and we had to take them inside a lot to avoid upset neighbors. At the apartment they went to leashes and now here they have a 30' long chain. We can not have a fence in this subdivision and I don't want to try an electronic fence because we have lots of dangerous animals around that would "kill" my small dogs as we live in a wooded rural area. I don't know what to do and I need help please...

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We moved to a new house in Georgia with my 15 yr old chow chow. We left her in the garage while we went shopping, no fence yet either,and she actually chewed the frame off the door leading back into the house.It took a while for her to calm down to the new surroundings.I would not have purchased a home that would not allow a fence. My dog is a family member, you must think of their needs also.

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How many nights has it been?

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Lots of leash walks and use rescue remedy (make certain your vet okays this). You might have to use day care. My dog hated living in apartments. I eventually had to move to one with an outdoor patio because of all the noise which other tenants made - probably why your dog is barking - it is not use to the noises. Good luck. It is a tough problem to solve

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