Design Around This #16: Yellow Kitchens

cawapsMarch 6, 2012

Welcome to Design Around This #16. The theme this week is yellow kitchens. The only real rule here is that you need to feature yellow prominently, not just with accessories but with at least one major design element. However, that leaves plenty of room to introduce other colors, and yellow doesn't have to be the dominant color.

I posted a preview/info thread a week ago. It has examples of lots of different yellow kitchens, including a selction of vintage yellow kitchens.

Everyone is encouraged to participate. If it's your first time, you can find lots of information and encouragement on About the Design Around This threads. There are tips and techniques on how to create a moodboard. You can do something as simple as posting images grouped together, or use a variety of software to put something together.

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I designed a kitchen for a 1930 Spanish Colonial in Santa Barbara, CA.

I started with a talavera tile in a lacy yellow/green/blue pattern from It's really a 4x4 tile, so it isn't exacly to scale in the pic. I picked up the blue with Stellar Marine Silestone counters and a midnight blue Ilve range hood. The floor is Marmoleum Sparkling Lake.

The range is a yellow Bertazzoni. I've gone back and forth thinking that it is too bright for the kitchen, but I liked it better than the other yellow ranges I looked at, and it has grown on me. The walls are painted Behr Sweet Butter.

Kraftmaid cabinets, square raised panel, rustic birch in Chestnut
Rough iron black spear pulls from
Mesquite Ox Yoke dining table from
Spanish Colonial leather side chair from
Armoire with leather panels from
El Valencia 8-light chandelier from
The painting is Carmel Sunset by Thomas McGlynn from

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Ok, here goes! I don't know anything about design styles or styles of homes, I find I simply design around elements I like for kitchens I could live in. For this one, I started with the granite.

Blue Louise Granite
Crown Point cabinet in Providence door style
Bluestar range
Deep Sunshine Yellow Iridescent glass subway tiles - Susan Jablon
copper farmhouse sink and rangehood by
dining table and camel microsuede chairs from Target
Dimensions pendant by Landmark Lighting
Birch floor and CM cream yellow paint

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Cabinets that are unpainted but yellow. This one came out colonial revival.

Daltile semi-gloss tile in yellow and ice gray
Roslyn paper from Farrow and Ball
Cambria Quartz countertop in Greystone
Wood-Mode Rockport Door
Daltile Terrazzo in Flax
Inkeeper's table and windsor chair from Great Windsor Chairs
Visual Comfort chandelier in antique nickel
Antique Pewter knob from Colonial Bronze.

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A quick version of the popular (classic(?)) white kitchen with soapstone counters and wood floors rendered in a different palette. I focused only on the shifted finishes because we all have a good idea of what this kitchen would look like.

Yellow Crackle Tile from Complete Tile Collection
Green Soapstone
Cloister inset door from Plain and Fancy
Reclaimed Yellow Heart Pine Flooring
Lantern from The Federalist Berenson Hardware

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I designed a fairly traditional, formal kitchen with vintage elements. The focus of the design was on soft yellow cabinets and a yellow La Cornue range. Zinc counters with a fancy edge and schoolhouse lights with yellow detailing on the shades. Cup pulls and white ceramic knobs. Wavy marble mosaic backsplash and vintage-shape hexagon tiles in marble for the floor. Gray and white fabric curtains. A white and polished silver Modernaire barrel range hood tops the La Cornue.

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Purplepansies--Congratulations on your first DAT board! We ended up with very similar colors, but with very different materials (so of course I love the combo). I love that you combined a Target dining set with the higher end kitchen elements, because isn't that how most of our houses end up?

Palimpsest Naturally Yellow (colonial revival)--I like the natural yellow of the cabs and the checkerboard backsplash is fun. I find the wallpaper vaguely disturbing (what are those round things? Fruits? Ovaries?), but I think it works very well over all and is surprising fun for a colonial revival.

Palimpsest That Ain't White--I think this look is where some of the current interest in yellow kitchens on the board is leaning. And I think it works very well (I like brass with yellow). The yellow softens the contrasts of the OTK.

Pricklypearcactus Traditional Vintage Yellow--Very pretty and elegant. I love the marble hex tiles and the edge detail on the countertop. And do I recognize the stool from the Hollywood Regency thread?

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The wallpaper is a 19th c. document print, and it is a fruit attached to an S-curve in a vermicelli pattern (who knows?)

Cawaps, I like the green/blue/bright yellow combo.

Purplepansies, welcome. I think the gold and purple combination is really effective. Although the bookmatch on that granite is making an awfully mean face at me.:)

Pricklypear, just very pretty. And very expensive.

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Going up a notch (slightly) in color.
A retro feel on this one by default. These finishes are all on retro-look items.

Kraftmaid cabinetry in Willow
Big Chill Appliances
Ann Sacks Gotham tile in Lemongrass (not to scale)
Cambria quartz in Yorkshire
Daltile terrazzo tile in Sunny Shores
Tessa fixture from Rejuvenation
Adams table in Shell finish from Room and Board
Emeco chair
Kohler sink
Knob by Lewis Dolin

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I thought that the DATs were migrating to Conversations, to keep some innocent from wandering in and incurring the wrath of the Cognoscenti.

Qu'est-ce que se passe?

Cheers. hbk

PS. I am not meaning to be [too] snarky here, but it is not good for the vibe of this forum to see newbies massacred for violating some unwritten rule. If you are going to move the DATs back here -- for a reason I could not possibly fathom -- perhaps the initial post could could include a discreet warning.

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There is always the option not to look, and not meaning to be (too) snarky but take your personal issues with one of the participants, who I will not name, elsewhere.

Senator13 was amply apologized to for the reaction to his/her thread at the time. At least s/he seemed to think so.


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Most people who have been on this thread for a while will know what they are getting into with DAT. It's the newbies I am worried about.

I don't have any personal issues with anyone who is not in attack mode. Since DAT has migrated back into the default mainstream, a warning up front as each challenge is launched might preclude an occasion for attack, which beats hell out of apologies after great furor.

Cheers. hbk

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From the first post in this thread:

The "About.." is a direct link.

"Everyone is encouraged to participate. If it's your first time, you can find lots of information and encouragement on About the Design Around This threads. There are tips and techniques on how to create a moodboard. You can do something as simple as posting images grouped together, or use a variety of software to put something together."

Here is a link that might be useful: Link.

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Palimpsest Willow--I really like this one and can easily see it in a mid-century house. I think the color balance is very good and like the bleached wood table with the yellow.

HBK--The reason we moved it back over here was first that we had to maintain a separate thread to point people over there and it was a pain. But also, it seemed like we weren't getting as many "innocents," or as we prefer to call them "newbies" or "foot traffic", depending on the context. For the record, we also prefer "people who participate in the DATs" over "cognoscenti", it being a somewhat more accurate and less snarky a description. I did point to the "About" thread, which provides general info about the thread. And ditto what Palimpsest said about Senator13. Apologies were made and accepted. You seem to be the only one holding a grudge.

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cawaps - (Spanish Colonial) I have very little knowledge of Spanish Colonial, but I really like the combination of yellow and rich blue. Love the backsplash. Good eye on the stool in my design. I couldn't really find another stool that felt right with the vibe I was going for in the kitchen and I absolutely love this Kong stool.

purplepansies - So glad you decided to join in. Love the Blue Louise granite and how you pulled out the golden yellow color in the backsplash tile.

palimpsest - (Naturally Yellow) I really like the patterns and soft colors in this one. (Willow) This one really appeals to me. I was considering doing a board with the beautiful Big Chill appliances (and maybe I'll get to one as well) and I think your design is spot on. I especially like the color combination that really evokes that retro feel. The backsplash tile and terrazzo are fantastic.

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pal- Went to the Lewis Dolin site-- BEAUTIFUL pulls/knobs!!! : )

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I think that the Lewis Dolin stuff definitely has a niche, and if you want color-coordinated hardware in a retro mode, it is the place to go. My favorites are still plain chrome and plain (brass) shhh.

What I have noticed when doing this is that a lot of manufacturers are offering bits and pieces in yellow, but with the exception of the full line offered by the retro people like Big Chill, there is not a correlated set of yellows offered, and the tones are all over the place. And my feeling (because yellow combos are one of my bad Synesthesia things) is that it's harder to put different yellows together than some different shades of other colors.

Bertazzoni offers two different yellows for ranges, but no matching hood. Smeg has a yellow but not in the US? Kohler has these pale yellows offered in some fixtures, but not all. Room and Board had these lemon yellow wooden chairs that they discontinued. Amana was going to offer a yellow fridge that never happened. They briefly had blue and dark red.

By the way, the Shell Finish on the Room and Board table is offered only in their case goods and a few tables and they don't seem to offer a chair to match, or one that even looks great with it.

So manufacturers are branching out, but seem to be taking rather random stabs at alternate colors.

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Viking has Golden Mist and Lemonade.

I think that it is hard to match yellows, especially in things like appliances and tile where the palette is limited. I wasn't entirely happy with my paint choice with the Bertazzoni on the Spanish colonial, but at least paint you can true up in the real world. Tile, not so much.

Funny your comment about the lack of matching chairs (Room & Board shell finish). I noticed that the wood on your chair didn't match the table and was thinking I would have to figure out how to bleach the seats. Which could no doubt be done with a little research and DIY effort.

Speaking of random stabs at alternate colors, I'm interested to see what other posters have to say on the avocado fridge thread.

Here is a link that might be useful: Avocado green thread

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Viking offers a lot of great colors, but their reputation is so poor reliability wise, in GW, that I try to avoid using them even in pretend :)

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Thanks so much for the kind words and encouragement. This is fun! And not as scary as I thought! Feelin' so bold I may post another! :)

Pal, my daughter asked about the monster face as well! I didn't notice it until she pointed it out. As to the kitchens you posted, I do love the creamy yellow cabinets and soapstone, but particularly like your last kitchen with the Big Chill appliances. The palette feels soothing to me.

Cawaps, I really like your Spanish Colonial. I have another kitchen in the works that was started with a similar sort of tile, and the rest of the kitchen plays off the teal-blue in the tile. I'm having a hard time staying away from the yellow-blue thing.

Pricklypearcatcus, that is one pretty kitchen! The range is fabulous! It feels elegant and feminine to me.

I'm almost glad to hear others are having difficulties matching yellows, I thought it was just me! Seems like everything I find is just slightly off the color I'm looking for. The range was a bit deeper than I wanted compared to the tile, but I see that color in the granite and so figured it could work.

Not only was this my first DAT post, but also my first picture. So why is my image so small compared to the others? I'll go re-read the directions for posting pictures, maybe I need to resize it?

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Purple, your picture was bigger the first time I saw it and then it got smaller, maybe you resized it by accident, or Photobucket did something to it.

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"Feelin' so bold I may post another!"

Yeah, that's how it starts. Next thing you know, it's midnight and you're online lookin for the perfect knob to complete your third kitchen...

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cawaps--That kitchen is authentic in feel but doesn't it also give off a '70s vibe? Maybe I was prejudiced by that other thread.

purple, welcome! I think it was really smart to start with something multicolored as a color key, and then pull colors out of it.

pal, the colonial revival is very restrained and restful. I feel that in dealing with yellow in 2011, the first question everybody faces is: Gray or not? I almost went with gray fabrics in my yellow living room (didn't), but they really define their own vibe.

Your One Yellow Kitchen has some of the same elements I'm thinking of putting in my "real" kitchen.

Prickly, very pretty and old world and contemporary, all at once. The gray thing.

pal, the last one is nice; retro but pulled back.

I think yellows are hard IRL because they are so luminous. The corners of my yellow LR looked terrifying before furniture went in, because they reflected on each other. Now they're fine. The key undertones that can be tough to deal with are green and pink; often neither is very obvious at first glance until you try to pair the yellow with something else.

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Something a bit brighter.

Dovae Lemon Jade solid surface (yep, a yellow marbled plastic in current production)
Florence Broadhurst wallcovering (she was Australian, and a character, look her up)
Paper Chandelier by Moooi
White slab doors
White Electrolux appliances
White leather Eames Soft Pad chairs (Knoll)
Calligaris "Regency" table
Amtico vinyl
White cabinet hardware from Atlas

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OK--does that last kitchen not bother your synesthesia thing? I mean, it's cool and Austin Power-y, but I find the bright yellows way overstimulating.

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It doesn't because of the white. If there was another saturated color, I might not be able to look at it. I couldn't Live with this, it's too bright, but I could do it for someone else.

The extra whatever I get from the bright yellow here is maybe a vague taste or it makes me salivate a little, but it's a pure taste, but some yellow *mixes* don't taste good at all. It's very hard for me to describe.

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Marcolo, if you wanted to email me, I could tell you what combos are bad for me. I don't want to list them here because they are some relatively popular combos on the decorating side and there is probably nothing the Matter with them except to me:)--and I don't want to insult anybody's LR because it tastes funny to me so I hate it iykwim.

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Funny, I had the same reaction to the Florence Broadhurst kitchen that Marcolo did. I like the solid surface and the wallcovering, but they are different enought yellows and so very bright that even I get interference between them. Get rid of one or the other and I really like the kitchen.

Marcolo, I certainly wasn't trying to channel the 70s with the Spanish Colonial, although I guess I can see how the dark wood pulls up a bit of that.

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I will email, because it's fascinating. Is yellow a particularly harsh trigger?

I ask because of personal experience: there is a variety of Italian pickled broad bean--yellow--the very sight of which has caused me to upchuck on sight since I was a small child. Love pickles. Love Italian food (I am one). No food allergies, (except, oddly Zinfandel, but anyway) and I while I have pretty high standards for what tastes good, I am not "picky" in any way. While I would probably push sheep eyes around on my plate, if I saw you looking to see whether I enjoyed them, I would probably pop one down. Strangest of all, I even like these beans when I eat them.

However: For some reason, the yellow color of these particular beans always causes me to become violently sick, just upon seeing them on a shelf in an Italian deli, for as far back as I can remember. There is no other color that has this affect on me. It truly feels like a neural misfire--there's nothing else about them, including the taste, that bothers me at all. They're just Marcolo kryptonite.

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Some combos are "Frito Lay canned jalapeno bean dip", a couple are "moldy bologna", something is "blueberries mixed with sheep dung"--I know it's weird. I'm vaguely nauseated typing this thinking of the colors and smells, and I don't know which came first.

On the other hand, I have "boxwood", "gasoline south of the Mason Dixon line", and "faraway skunk" which have color associations, but not for me unpleasant ones.

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On my yellow kitchen thread someone on GW said yellow was a color that works well with other shades of yellow. However, it seems by reading the above that that isn't the case?

I'm having trouble choosing a yellow for my cabs and am trying to base it on other items I'd like to have in the kitchen and what shade of yellow those will be. However, I don't have anything yet to match the paint with! I did buy various fabrics samples I like but I won't actually be using any of them. I had hoped to mix yellows. I wish I knew how to make the pics small, but can't do it right now. Any suggestions or thoughts? (I don't want to hijack this, but thought it might be a good spot since we're discussing yellows) You can always message me if that helps. Thanks!

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I don't know how personal my problem with mixing yellows is, compared to how most people feel about it, but I have trouble mixing warm with cool or saturated with pastel.

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Golds have a lot of green in them. Warm yellows have a lot of pink. Pure yellows can be extremely vibrant. None of them are bad, it's just that you should make sure that you can see and identify the undertones when you put them together, so you don't make the discovery later, after it's already installed. They could still work, but you need to go into the selection with open eyes.

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Serigrafia is the series this laminate by the Memphis Group through Abet Laminati is from.

Ann Sacks Savoy pennyround
LG Hi-Macs in Banana
Serigrafia laminate cabinets
Bertazzoni range.
Sarlon Traffic Uni from Forbo flooring
Topan pendant from Verner Panton
Supernatural chair by Ross Lovegrove through Moroso
Sprout table.
Lewis Dolin white ceramic pull.

The floor is a bit dirtier than the other colors, and the metallic of the stove and the pendant may make those finishes appear cleaner or cooler, you'd have to check it in person. There is a bit of offness online. It would be surrounded by a lot of white so I don't know how easy it would be to read this in person.

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Fishies- For you kitchen, I would stay with the softer yellow and cream colors. That Kitchenaid screams GOLD on my monitor...the bright yellow chair, seems 'off' too...but the colander looks great, as do your other choices :)

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2LittleFishies, I had pretty much the same reaction as Lavender. The KitchenAid reads slightly orange to me compared to the other yellows you show, and the bright yellow stool seems overwhelming, but I think the others can work together.

I have trouble with the undertones in yellows--there are greenish yellows and orangey yellows, and it isn't always obvious until you put them up against each other. I don't know that yellows are any harder than any other color in this regard, however. I'm okay with mixing different saturations of yellows, and brights with pastels.

Yellows are funny in that a dark yellows always read either green or orange to me, and (weirdly) sometimes both. But once the color is dark enough, I generally don't see it as yellow at all. Anyone know enough color theory to know why that is?

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Cawaps- My mom has the same problem with greens. Great with other colors, but difficult to use all greens. Too much variation, especially between the yellow, blue and gray shades of green.

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Ok, I'm trying another. This one started again with the granite.

Antique Yellow Granite
Sunflower Yellow Glass Tiles by
Bluestar range, can't remember the hood
Blanco silgranit sink in anthracite
Avalon black dining table and lemongrass chair from Crate & Barrel
Layla Grace Venus Gold Pendant
Mahogany plank floor

I think the green cabs are Crown Point again (I really like their cabinets!!) Decided that black uppers were too much, so tried to pull the green out of the granite. I am finding it hard to choose paint colors for these kitchens. Always seem to fall back to the pale, creamy yellow. Suggestions there would be appreciated. Also, looking at this one and my first, they're similar in style. Need to figure out how to break out of my comfort zone and try things I normally wouldn't have in my own house.

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I like everything in this but the wallcolor and that is part of my synesthesia. I would think it's perfect with a light sage wallcolor, and when I go back to your first one, I think it would look great with a grayed lavender wallcolor.

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OK, I'll go back and try those colors! Thanks!

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These may not be the best shades of a light sage or lavender gray (I got tired of looking at paint samples), but I think they are definitely better than the yellow.

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To me, these are both more effective palettes.

I think the lavender pulls highlights the granite and smooths the differences in the yellows a bit. Before I could only look at the centers of your boards and now I can look at it all. Others might feel differently but I think they are much more comfortable palettes now.

Thanks for playing :)

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This one would have to be lit perfectly. Ceiling, over cabinet, undercabinet and maybe floor level lighting.

Ceiling in F&B Citron uplit by
Serge Mouille fixture
Pitch Black by Farrow And Ball
Laminate by Ettore Sottsass through Abet Laminati
Onyx cabinets from Kraftmaid
Matte Black range from Smeg
Amtico vinyl in Pure Lemon
Forbo linoleum "Oxyd"
Abstract paintings through 1st Dibs
Bertoia Chairs in yellow
Pallas table from Hive Modern.
Yellow pulls from Hafele, randomly placed. Black hardware from Atlas

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This last one feels like a very high end Montreal strip club, but I don't mean that in a bad way. It's just a naughty indulgence.

I think purple's avocado green (!) kitchen is a perfect illustration. To me the original peachy wall yellow fought ferociously with the green/gold tile. This is much more soothing.

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I would not be able to have the Florence Broadhurst, the Serigrafia, or the Blackout kitchen in my own house. (even if it was the type of house where they would fit).

I really like the Serigrafia laminate and wish it came in another color.

I think I could do the Blackout if I had a getaway apartment in NYC or someplace where cooking was pretty casual, but I would have to change the yellow color to something else. (and not use such a $$$ light fixture).

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Hmm. Was someone influenced by another thread, perhaps? Love the grisaille but boy is that paper peach.

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No,,,I did this kitchen last week :P, but it is rather coincidental.

I have the DeGourney paper in my "Win the Lottery" pile.

I think it is a true grisaille in real life but yes the picture is really peachy.

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Which thread? I love it all except the paper : )

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Work exploded unexpectedly this week, so rather than create a whole board I'm going to share some of the directions I've been exploring for my own kitchen. I have full confidence that I know who will not like it!


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Marcolo, do you have your sink yet?

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Need the layout first. Emailed an architect today. If I choose not to expand the footprint, I doubt any vintage-looking sink will fit unless it's something unique. I'd be happy with a cast iron undermount at this point except the ones that fit 30" cabs all have central drains.

BTW since I posted this in DAT and it's just a preliminary idea I'm playing with, anyone should feel just as free to lay into it as they would any of the other boards. No harm no foul.

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Am I the only one who saw that Marcolo claims to be an "Italian food"? In addition to an interesting discussion of "who dissed who" (which I never seem to understand) and being fascinated by Pal knowing what blueberries and sheep dung smell like, this has been an intriguing thread for someone who cannot design and usually steers clear of yellow. I love the granite that purplepansies selected and the chairs with Pal's grisaille design.


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Lotsa sheep around where I grew up. Not next door, but in a driving around kinda way.

Since my smells are phantom, I guess they can be combinations of anything. Sheep dung has a sweet, but unpleasant undertone, to me anyway --add blueberry pie filling and there you it, I guess.

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java- Ha! Yes, I totally agree- quite an interesting thread!

marcolo- It looks great! BM Lighthouse is hanging on my cabs now... then again, what yellow ISN'T hanging on my cabs?

It seems to be the brightest/least "dirty" of my options...

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Marcolo, if I look at it from the toe kick up, I am fine.

Actually if the real floor is a tan brown I am fine too.

2LittleFishies. The other thread is "1920s House: Kitchen?..." The house has a panoramic frieze running around the top of the dining room, so Marcolo wondered if I was inspired by that.

Actually I just like panoramic wallpaper, especially the Grisaille kind with only parts colored in, and if I ever have $50K to spend on wallpaper, I might get me some. But, not likely to happen.

As for who dissed who, that is best left shrouded mysteriously in history.

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Are you going to have all lighter colors? Personally, I really like it but MY eye longs for something black to anchor it and make that tile detail really POP. Just my .02

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Haven't gotten that far. The space is tiny and the dark granite I have now (including the cr*p matching granite tile backsplash) is a little overwhelming. I've thought about using black deco tiles, as used to be done, but I'm not sure it would flow with the house, and I don't want people to associate it with a bathroom. The Mission Tile West deco is customizable, so I was actually thinking of pulling a gray from the Caesarstone rather than the black.

pal, my floor is Provincial. It's a medium to dark brown, not much red at all.

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Palimpsest Serigrafia: I like this one. The laminate cabs are fun. It's a bolder yellow than I would generally go for, but it all works together.

Purplepansies yellow granite: You and I seem to be on the same wavelength on this exercise--I'm working on one with a similar colored counter, although mine is quartz, not granite. I think changing out the wall color was an improvement. The revised kitchen reads very elegant, and I love the fixture. I also like the changed-up wallcolor in the other, although the Bluestar range looks a bit orange in contrast with the lavender.

Palimpsest Blackout: This is a kitchen that could totally work for the right person in the right space, but if you ever sold the house, 99.9% of buyers would ask, "What were they thinking?" It's definitely to hip and edgy for my taste, and I find the bacteria culture pattern on the counter a bit disturbing.

Palimpsest Back to Classical: Love the kitchen part and the way the marble picks up the yellow. I love the grisaille, but like Marcolo I'm having trouble with the color. I'll have to take your word for it that it isn't peach in real life.

Marcolo's future kitchen: What's the vintage of your house again? I think the tile is great for an early 20th century kichen, and love the blue/yellow/orange combo. I like the pinstripe on the cabs and I like the Mission Tile West liner, but with both of them it seems like a bit much going on. You mention a color shift on the tile, and I think that might might help--I think the strong black is throwing off the balance.

The color of the counter isn't working for me, but I think that might be a problem with the photo. It's reading a bit cooler (almost greenish) than what I remember Nougat being. The photo on the Caesarstone website reads warmer (so it isn't just a monitor problem), but I think you could go for something like Oyster with a bit more (warm) color.

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  1. The real liner is only a half or quarter inch, depending which I pick, and yes, the scheme has to get shifted to either work with or drop the black. The counter material seems warm in person; I might've messed up the photo. You're reminding me, I'm supposed to call for a sample. This is the first time I've tried to color board this idea and I need the real thing.

pal what is that flooring with your last one? Are you using vinyl in a kitchen that basically has a Lexus on the wall?

    Bookmark   March 9, 2012 at 1:28AM
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It's stone from Ann Sacks.

    Bookmark   March 9, 2012 at 6:23AM
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"I find the bacteria culture pattern on the counter a bit disturbing."

Cawaps, your comment reminded me of the art by the physicist Eshel Ben-Jacob - images of bacteria colonies. Here's one that would go nicely in Pal's Blackout Kitchen:

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You asked about mixing paints....that is what I did in my living room.

Long story short, I had 2 paint samples on the same chip. On the wall one was too light, next was too dark. Mixed together in equal parts....perfect.

Turns out that 1 uses pastel base, and 1 used standard base. I think that is why it is so perfect.

BM 192 and 193

Hope this idea helps you. I have been able to buy new paint and do undetectable touch ups, 10 years later.

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The thing about using the Degourney, Zuber, Paul Montgomery Studios, Stark wallcoverings (and Adelphi, which isn't scenic)--is that they are all made-to-order so you can change the colors, select the type of paper it goes on, select a level of antiquing. And it's not any more expensive, or the upgrade price is minimal.

With one of them you can select specific colors in the pattern that you want to change to other specific colors, for an upcharge.

So if the standard color is too peach for the range, you just tweak it. You do get something for the premium price. :)

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I played around with yellow and french provincial.

Lacanche yellow
Brass hardware (Brass has a yellow glow)
Hand scraped oak floors with a peek of yellow
Yellow Benjamin Moore pain
Babouche by Farrow and Ball
Yellow honeybee tile by Brittany and Coggs
French Provincial fabric Calico Corners


cawaps, Forgive me I stole many of your ideas.

prickleypear, love the marble and pale yellow. Beautiful combo

2littlefishes, adorable makes me feel like I am at grandmas.

Palimpest-contemporary in so many ways

purplepansies, Creative differences, I love it.

marcolo, I have recently seen tile just like that. We were
at my husband cousin's house. She was trying to decide
if she was going to keep a similar tile in her bathroom.
I told to embrace it.

Julie, Beatiful space!

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Yellow and blue is a favorite combination of mine, thanks for playing.

    Bookmark   March 9, 2012 at 7:55PM
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My daughter has been pushing me to post this one, it's her favorite (she's 9 and becoming TKO pretty fast!) This one was actually the first one I started when I found the tiles ( I really love the dark teal cabinets.

I'm not choosing paint anymore, I'm really bad at that!! :)

    Bookmark   March 10, 2012 at 8:52AM
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Wow, that girl has talent!

    Bookmark   March 11, 2012 at 9:10AM
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The yellow, teal, gray work well together.

    Bookmark   March 11, 2012 at 12:05PM
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I started with the idea of doing a yellow and gray kitchen, but ended up finding these cabinets and straying into taupe. The counter looks a lot like purplepansies second kitchen (mine is quartz, hers was granite)--I was already working on this; pansies and I just seem to have our brains on the same track on this exercise.

I was going for something fairly traditional, but with contemporary elements, something that someone might put in today. I also wanted to stick with with a fairly muted palette.

Omega Cabinets Halifax
Counter Silestone Giallo Quarry
Backsplash Daltile Folio One Lemon Custard
Viking range taupe
Viking range hood taupe
Floor Marmoleum Sunny Day
Classic antique brass cabinet latch from Kennedy Hardware
Allison Antique Brass Pull from
Vintage Swedish Kilim from by Marta Maas Fjetterstrom from
Rolled-back parson's chair from
Ikea Stornas Dining table
Callaway Natural Faux Silk Drapery Fabric from
Murray Feiss Logan chandelier from
Art--Early Morning, Palm Springs, California by Alson Skinner Clark

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Oh, I really like that palette, Cawaps! As a matter of fact, the inspiration picture for my someday kitchen has perimeter cabinets in a very similar color.

    Bookmark   March 11, 2012 at 3:22PM
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Jumping in late...

My first:

Cabinet from Plain & Fancy in maize paint
Sierra Madre silestone counter & backsplash
AGA in cobalt
bosch hood
stainless undermount sink
Delta faucet
Curtains from Magnolia mardi gras sail fabric (looks a little black here, but the print is really a navy blue)
Marquette chandelier from Lumens
BM albany white paint (is this too pinkish here?)
Bradshaw Kirchofer table
Parsons chair, googled.
medium brown stained wood floor

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And here's my second.

cabinets from a googled image
Pure White Ceaserstone counter
cobalt blue hex tile from website of Classic Tile & Marble in NYC
Danze faucet
white cast iron undermount sink
BM white dove wall color
Jenn-Air white range
curtains made of Premier Prints ZigZag print
Dwell Stellar base table
Dwell's version of the Bertoia chair
White pendant lamp from cb2
cork floor

My comments on previous posts:
cawaps Spanish Colonial: I love the tile and the blue/yellow mix. I also get a bit of a '70s vibe as Marcolo mentioned, but that could be due to some of my parents' late '70's decorating choices being similar.

purplepansies blue/purple with the yellow range: I really like the dark brown cabinets and the copper (or is it bronze) in this mix. Beautiful granite that I wouldn't normally think to pair with yellow, but it looks good. I like your later version with the lavender/gray paint even better.

palimpsest Naturally Yellow: I usually dislike unpainted yellow woods, but this comes together really well. I especially like the wallpaper.

palimpsest That ain't white: I love this version of the OTK! If I wanted to go in that direction with my own kitchen, this is the way I'd take it.
pricklypearcactus Traditional Vintage Yellow: I love the style of your board. Having stuff placed out of scale lets you see the detail on the smaller items. This scheme looks very appealing. I'm a sucker for schoolhouse lampshades. Those La Cornue ranges are so not my personal style, yet I adore them.

palimpsest Willow: The retro look is very neat. I had been thinking entirely along very traditional lines for yellow, but it clearly works this way, too.

palimpsest Florence Broadhurst: Yellow floor, brilliant! Very unexpected. I love the wallpaper on this one, too.

palimpsest Serigrafia: I've always really liked this particular laminate pattern, and I don't even like most of the Memphis group designs. I like it with the penny round backsplash here.

purplepansies 2nd one, black lowers: I like this combo, again better with the more sage-y paint color. It may be a personal thing of mine, but I don't think I've ever seen a pale yellow paint on a wall that I really liked.

palimpsest Blackout: This one has a very "Wall Street" vibe to me. I could never live with something like this, but it does work!

palimpsest Back to Classicism: Now that's serious wallpaper! In the right house, I can see this being pretty cool.

marcolo's kitchen: On first look, I didn't like the blue with these tile colors, but it's grown on me on repeat viewings. I also remember Casarstone nougat being warmer in person, and I agree with cawaps that even warmer might be nice with the tile and cabinet scheme.

boxerpups: I love the gold-yellow tones here. Actually, seeing the gold hood makes me realize that I had completely forgotten that gold is in this color category. Love the yellow-blue fabric.

purplepansies last one, blue cabinets: I love the dark teal cabinets here. It's a little disturbing that I recognize them as Crown Point! Spending too much time on kitchens... I like the tile design here, but I think the green in the tile clashes just a little with the greenish-blue of the cabinets, so for me, a I think shift on one or the other would put it just right.

cawaps yellow/gray: I'm a fan of the trendy greige tones, so I like this. I'm not sure about the floor with everything else, though - it has an almost fire-y look on my monitor that seems in opposition to the calm of the other colors.

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Boxer French Provincial: Nothing to forgive (I didn't even notice--everything goes into the collective unconscious, anyway). This is a very cheerful, pleasant kitchen. I like the blue and yellow, and the yellows balance well.

Purplepansies yellow & teal: Love the colors and the tile. Your daughter has good taste.

I liked the Eshel Ben-Jacob artwork, too. It reminds me of a friend of mine who does electron microscopy. She would use images from her work on her Christmas cards every year. We saw some amazingly beautiful pictures of really disgusting stuff.

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pricklypearcactus- In your Vintage Yellow Traditional kitchen, where did those schoolhouse lights come from? really nice : )

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Of the latest entries

Cawaps, intellectually I know this one works but I would have to make the floor different because of my thing.

Dee 1 and 2, Yellow and blue, like I've said, is a favorite combination , I would have to darken the floor in the first one to be more umber-y like the countertop.I think the second one is very effective.

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Dee, I like your Maize kitchen. I think, though, that it deserves a cooler rangehood that better fits the vintage syle, maybe something custom framed.

Your bright yellow and white I love. The yellow and blue really pop against the white. The mirror (it's a mirror, right?) in the dining room is a great focal point, and the hex tile is eye-catching.

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Are we going to set up the next one or wait a bit?

    Bookmark   March 12, 2012 at 9:21PM
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I believe the next one is supposed to be Steampunk, as discussed and agreed on the last few threads. Marcolo said he wanted to set it up, though, so the timing depends a bit on his workload. I've been starting to put something together already...

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Thanks for the feedback! cawaps, I completely agree, my first one would definitely be better with a wood cabinet-style range hood. It's probably evidence of my lack of imagination that I get stuck on "clip-able" items in putting these together and then miss other reasonable choices. I'm learning!

That is a mirror in my second, forgot to list source: Arteriors galaxy star mirror from Zinc Door.

Steampunk will be very fun whether or not I manage to get a submission together. I can't wait to see what you all do!

    Bookmark   March 12, 2012 at 11:48PM
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Dee, not at all. I meant to add that appropriate images of custom hoods (custom anything) are hard to find in the right combination of style/color I have to be pretty motivated to look for the right picture to go to the effort. It isn't lack of imagination, I just don't always have the time and energy to invest, especially since the results of the image search are usually disappointing in that the color or style is off. In real life, it's custom and you can get exactly what you want. With a Google image search you're stuck with the things that other people wanted.

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Well, at last, right? Life has been difficult lately, but I started this challenge and decided it had to be finished, so, ta dah, Florantha's Egg Yolk Kitchen with red and gray.

A few things to notice, which are my experiments or interest in new products...

The Kenmore "Grab 'n go" French door refrigerator has a fascinating new kind of right door which opens without exposing the entire cooling area. Not sure what I think of it but I thought I'd look into it. 31 square feet, folks. Double oven is also Kenmore.

I don't know what the range and hood are, but they're of the sort that suits this no-nonsense cook's kitchen. I would as happily have chosen an induction cooktop I think. It's the stainless backsplash that intrigued me, by Specialty Stainless.

Sink is Whitehouse fireclay. Countertops are Corian "Caraway" Zodiac. Faucet is Grohe Concetto--was supposed to be a pull-down one but the sprayer is missing in photo.

Windows really intrigue me--they're Marvin no-center-stile push-out not crank-out casements. Sure wish I'd known about them before I bought my Pellas. Fabric for curtains is Waverly "Panama Wave."

Ceiling recessed fixtures have Minka Lavery glass outlining them: "Pumpkin" GT100. Pendants are E-2's "Amber Cloud."

Flooring is Mannington "Eagle Pass Hickory Tumbleweed." I have chosen Gel-Mat "cranberry" striated as my underfoot aid. A striped rug is included for counterpoint in eating area. Table is Old Biscayne Designs "Lee" and the chair is their "Karita." Reason for them is to attempt to cut the modern vibe of the other materials.

I went looking for a mustard yellow paint but ended up choosing Martha Stuart Living's "Egg Yolk." Cabs are Weypoint Maplespice. I like this combination and I think this could be a happy working kitchen. Haul in your multicolor Fiestaware if you like. I might stick to some kind of roughish stoneware, perhaps in reds.

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Excuse me while I tear out my "new" kitchen and redesign it around cawaps Vintage Swedish Kilim from by Marta Maas Fjetterstrom from


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Oh dear Steampunk...are you sure Steampunk?

The real steampunk or the silliness that some are cranking
out calling steampunk?

I am afraid, veeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyy afraid.

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Cool refrigerator Florantha! I can see that being very helpful with kids who open the 'frig and just stand there, thinkin' . . .

Dee850, I love that hex tile with those yellow cabinets. Very fun and bold.

Yeah, I'm with Boxer - steampunk scares me. I don't even know what it is. But I'm willing to give it a try.

Another kitchen - I obviously like doing these when they focus on color! (Should have jumped in with the pink DAT.) This one started with the range - love the color - and thought that soapstone with those pretty glassy green veins would work well with it. The gorgeous sink is from a Florida Joshua post a while back. Kohler bridge faucet, Lewis Dolin knob, googled backsplash, Layla Grace criss cross table, chair from Home Decorators, pendant from Brand Lighting.

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I like the Green and Yellow--and the Dark Brown. It's medium browns that give me a problem with yellow, I guess.

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palimpsest - (Florence Broadhurst) I really adore the bright yellow and white together. This is a perfect application where white appliances really work.
(Blackout) This is incredibly bold (in a good way). I really like it. In our teens, I painted my bedroom black and my brother painted his bedroom bright yellow. This reminds me of the two rooms next to each other. Love the abstract paintings and the linoleum.

marcolo - The buttery yellow backsplash with deco trim and vintage sink are fantastic.

boxerpups - (French Provincial) This is really lovely. I would typically shy away from gold tones, but you've made it work perfectly.

purplepansies - (Teal and Yellow) This is fantastic. The bold turquoise cabinets and bold backsplash are perfect together. The floor grounds everything very well. Your daughter obviously has great taste!

dee850 - (Bright Yellow and White) I really love this one. The bold yellow and blue are fantastic together. I really love the colbalt blue hex tile as a backsplash.

2LittleFishies - The fixtures are from Rejuvenation: Lombard flushmount and Rhone pendant with Opal and Butter Schoolhouse shade.

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Florantha, I really like this colorful kitchen. It seems to have enough diversity of color and texture that it would still look good with all the trappings of real life in there, which I know is not true of all my fantasy kitchens :)

Purplepansies - I love that green and pale yellow combo! Great with soapstone, and colorful yet calm.

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Thanks to all of you for contributing and critiquing!

Much like Meg Ryan in ''You've Got Mail'', for some reason my mind has gone _______ for the last few DATs with no inspirations nor ideas. All I've been able to do to admire the ones already posted. I'll think harder for the next and try to be more active.


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Circus Peanut

I've been terribly swamped but as a yellow kitchen owner have been meaning to contribute something here. Don't let it die just yet!

On steampunk, you simply MUST include this video, one of the best things of all the many things I've seen on YouTube. I keep meaning to link it for JohnLiu to see:

Here is a link that might be useful: Just Glue Some Gears On It (And Call It Steampunk)

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Marcolo, I like where you are headed with your kitchen but for me the counter choice just does not fit. I do not really like quartz in a 1920's kitchen but did find an example that would sort of tie in with your ideas.

Here is a link that might be useful: Bill Lim I hope you don't mind me posting your pic

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Well, a bit late, but I was designing my backsplash and realized my mock up would work for this DAT (I've never done one of these before because I spend enough time designing my own kitchen). This is my backsplash design (although in real life I may not use these colors). Some of the other elements are also from my real kitchen design and others are just for this thread:

Fireclay Tile Debris series backsplash
Rangemaster (AGA) range
Rohl Allia fireclay sink in biscuit
Natural cherry cabinets
Marmoleum Barley floor
"Tuscan Green" granite
Old painted kitchen table

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I like the closely correlated colors in this last one and the simple way you are accenting the backsplash behind the range.

    Bookmark   March 13, 2012 at 5:02PM
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Loving the last few.

atthomeinva, I'm not settled on the Caesarstone Nougat but it does seem to work with these colors IRL. I lived in a 1920 building with terrazzo floors in the bathrooms, and the Nougat seems to echo that. If I wanted to be absolutely authentic with the countertops, my choices would be wood (possible), monel (not gonna happen and stainless is too cold to substitute) or linoleum (not all that practical and I will need to sell someday). I think the pic you posted looks great, though.

STEAMPUNK: I'll write up the post this weekend if you guys want. I'm not planning to write anything elaborate, I just want to make sure we get at least sort of in the ballpark of what steampunk actually is. I'm no expert in it at all, but I'd feel terrible if I accidentally acted as an accessory to the stealing of the movement by RH and other cataloguers.

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So finally I get a chance to make some comments. I hope to finish before this thread goes to 150 and locks me out.

I like the idea of the Spanish colonial but I think it's nowhere near over the top yet. I'd prefer there to be much more Mexican-y tiles. Blues and yellows but without the greens or with the greens really downplayed?

I think with that yellow range needs a number of other yellows in the room so you get a rainbow of yellows between range color and the wall color. And is there a cabinet type that more closely echoes that honkin' big old historic looking wall unit? Or can you get a cabinet out of hickory or something with a greyed weatherbeaten look as a stronger contrast to the old, warm wood of the antique?

I like the wrought iron and think you need plenty of it. Do they have wrought iron faucets? sinks? Or perhaps some kind of window trim or drapery rod accessory?

As I look again I think I'd prefer more different blues to the green in the tile. Yes, I know others love the green, but what about a spectrum of yellows and of blues? You've got me thinking. And it would NOT look like the Swedish flag. Gotta base it on another great tile.

The wood unit is my fave in the whole composition.

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Before I comment on anyone else's kitchen, I should probably offer one of my own...

Marie was so excited to be getting her first place. Finally, a home of her own and it didn't matter that she had very little money to fix it up. Marie knew her white kitchen, with black formica countertops and cheap floor was going to be a challenge, but she was also confident that she could come up with some creative solutions. What to use for inspriation? Then, she saw them at the store, in a big bouquet :) From Yellow Kitchen

The first thing was paint! The kitchen faced north and east and the white walls and cabinets looked cold and gray. She got some sunny yellow paint and painted the cabinets yellow and the walls a soft green. From Yellow Kitchen

Then, she took most of her budget and went out and purchased an easy to install, snap together, floating wood floor. With the help of her friends, it went in pretty easily. From Yellow Kitchen

Now, she needed a table...and she found a beautiful one, at an estate sale. From Yellow Kitchen

And this is how she used it, with the 'inexpensive' chairs she slipcovered. From Yellow Kitchen

Now, to serve a fancy tea and cake for all her family and friends :) From Yellow Kitchen From Yellow Kitchen

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Oh Lavender Lass, I love your posts!

    Bookmark   March 13, 2012 at 10:12PM
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Congrats to all posters! Thanks for posting, designers. I really admire this activity. Here follows some intensely personal commentary...bask or duck!

I like Pal's first colonial revival one very much--probably because of the yellow and gray palette, but also because I like the tile, I like wallpaper and I like the cabs. I'd use a table with skinnier legs but the captain's chair is a good idea. Instead of tile, this could have stencils of same pattern. Always glad to see "colonial" concepts in today's world. His brass version of the same is less interesting to me, although it's in applications like both of these cabinet choices that I give real approval of glazing in the crevices of the cabs; the cabs in that second one I like best of the items and perhaps the lantern light, although, a traditionalist, of course I prefer the old standard brass chandelier over tables or islands. Pal, that fabric pattern is much like the ones I have to seek out for my pre-Civil War costumes. Some of the combos are downright weird by today's sensibility, but this one I could live with. Good choice for an old house with modern residents.

I also like the retro Pal kitchen--same palette as the first colonial revival one. Good looking items. Good taste. Good.

As for the "classic" one, would those elephants be in the dining room or the kitchen? I've seen that kind of thing in other rooms but never in a kitchen. Very gutsy. I assume that there will be a towel elephant on the countertop, or at the very least a rattan ceiling fan.

The Serigrafica and Broadhurst ones are not as satisfying to me. That intense yellow in a brocade pattern makes me think of a lot of 60s-70s rooms that are best left in the 60s. And for the "Montreal" yellow and black one, I'd need a personality transplant. I'm too arrogant to let a room trump me; no fair having the room have more personality than I do and no fair letting it fight me for queenship.

Boxerpups, you did good. Nice integration. Same with Cawaps in the yellow and gray one--it screams "I have good taste."

Dee, welcome to the party. I favor your first entry. Gentle and happy. The second one is very very trendy. It has an aggressive blueness that I'd switch out for one of my [favorite] muted reds--I almost never do blue, myself. [My sister wore blue, I wore red as a kid.] But it's a good set of ideas.

Purplepansies, You sure had fun! Not sure I could live in your first entry--like Pal's strong personality entry--but I'd love to visit. The pastel one begs for fabrics, dishes, accessories. It's very feminine. The one with the strong yellow tile would have a different personality without the tile--just sticking to the yellow in the countertop, which makes me like the room better.

Marcolo, if your house matches that kitchen, you've done a good job of walking that line between updating and living in the past. I like the palette, if you don't abandon the red-brown. I also like the string-along tile pattern but it does look like bathrooms from my childhood (sorry).

Pricklypear, yours really intrigues me because of the Hollywood Regency studying we did a few weeks ago. Very true to that aesthetic EXCEPT for those schoolhouse lights, which run up against my biases. When people use these colored repros in kitchens, they're usually in 1930s style common kitchens, not upscale ones like yours. I'd prefer something from this cast of budding stars from Creative Lighting here in Twin Cities...

Apologies if I'm out of line.--F.

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Mayberry- Thank you :)

    Bookmark   March 13, 2012 at 10:48PM
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Ok, I hope you don't mind.
I look at the pictures you guys make and dream. :)

I was wondering if anyone had ever put together a dijon or grayed yellow kitchen. I guess it might not be the 1920's period maybe, but it's a color I love.

Selfishly, I was hoping to look at ideas. You folks are incredibly creative and insightful.

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Steampunk alert -- Saw a magazine at Hancock Fabric yesterday called Just Steampunk...all sorts of home decor items that led to Tuesday night nightmares. I know you all can do a better kitchen.

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Florantha, I love the curtain fabric. Turquoise and coral red is a great combination. It took me a while to notice that if you take away the accessories and the chair, your kitchen is pretty much neutral except for the yellow walls. Since paint is easy to change up, you could easily take this kitchen in a whole different direction.

Regarding your comments on my Spanish Colonial, I agree that the wall color didn't quite work (I've been thinking that every time I scroll past it). I understand what you are saying about bridging the gap between the color of the range and the walls (I often do this will blues and greens-2 colors don't quite work, but add another 6 in the same color range and it looks fine), but in this case I think I just would have been better off not trying to do yellow on the walls (a la Purplepansies wall color change-up). On the cabinet style, I had enough trouble coming close on color without trying to match style, but if you had that armoire it would be cool to go custom on the cabs to mimic the style. Did you see in my note that the armoire had leather panels? I don't think I would want that in the kitchen, although it might work on the uppers. Maybe I'll try to do a revision based on your comments.

Javachik regarding the vintage Swedish kilim--your post cracked me up. Glad you liked it.

Purplepansies Green/yellow/soapstone. I really like those particular shades of yellow and green together, and the floral print on the chair makes it feminine without being overwhelming. I don't think the lighting fixture is a great fit for the kitchen. Not sure what would be better, though.

Gregincal Aga kithcen: Love the tile. The red/brown liner and decorative tile add interest without going overboard. I like how the green in the tile works with the granite.

Lavender Lass - Marie's kitchen: Very pretty. Your third picture (with the arch above the window) is in my inspiration folder, and my kitchen is very nearly the same color.

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cawaps, I entered the DAT by adapting the idea of the required yellow using the egg yolk paint and the orangey rings around the recessed lights (easily changeable I think) and in the mix of colors in the globe lights. Otherwise most of the color is just accessories. Nothing really expensive is yellow.

You're very right. Of all the items, it's that fabric that really talks. I had to decide how much to shrink it in the collage--there's supposed to be a foot of distance across each of the squares and I show four squares, so the stripe isn't massive. Imagine it if it were large enough to cover a yard or more--that's the way my Olioboard began its life. Bold Zigazgs!

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I was inspired by some of the amazing modern kitchens in the DAT threads and the cool retro Big Chill appliances in yellow. I used white modern Ikea cabinets with retro stainless countertops and floor tiles. I thought a punch of bright green would be fun with the MCM lighting and hardware.

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Prickly, you're a genius. Until you came along, the necessary yellow and lime combination was completely unspoken for. The midcentury angle is perfect.

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Didn't think I'd head to the yellows and gray palette without an additional accent color, but here I am anyway. The more I work with this room the more I think I'd like to cook in it.

This is my "Dolce Vita" entry. It is based on the Formica 180fx "Dolce Vita" you see on the upper right--has streaks of yellow in it. This is a 5 x 8 sheet of faux stone, one of the newer patterns. I'm sure true stone experts could tell us more about what real stone it's modeled on. I have a 180fx countertop and a year and a half into ownership, it's been a good product, albeit more sparkly than I would ordinarily have chosen. Not sure what the newer finishes are like.

The goal here is a refuge at end of the work day. I'd stick to pewter, wrought iron, dark stainless as much as possible, except for the sparkly gold/brass/silverish aspects. This includes stainless appliances. Soft whites to creams in fabrics--textures instead of prints. Greys and yellows instead of browns. Houseplants okay, but strongly colored bouquets can go into the dining room.

I tried to create a modern vibe but with a traditional leaning...thus the Audubon wood duck print. Change it to Picasso and you've got something else.

tiles: Ann Sacks Davlin 2 x 2 multi-metals--this is pricey I'm sure
sink: Kohler "Dickinson" in Cashmere
pendants: Sustainable Shells Varaluz Naturals--Yellow Mother of Pearl--a real splurge
cabs: Shiloh "Bristol" maple golden with mocha glaze--I really like this door style--updates the usual "shaker" look
flooring: Eligna "Heritage Oak Planks"--I don't know anything about this flooring; I found it in the Olioboards set. I was looking for a darkish floor that was not so dark that it would need constant dusting.
ceiling fan: Kichler "Structures". They sell matching ceiling fixtures and pendants also.
paints: Martha Stewart "Haystack" (the darker color) and "Yellow Magnolia"
countertop: Formica 180FX "Dolce Vita"
cabinet hardware: Anne at Home "Bloom"

Here is a link that might be useful: Olioboard

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Pricklypear the lime and yellow one is a strong MCM kitchen without being a caricature of one, very nice.

Florantha, I really like this grey and gold/yellow one.

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I am in love.. seriously I need that table (the one in the picture with all the food on it).. You have to give me his number.. I mean the website or whatever details you have.. please!!


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Lalitha- Here's the link...but all it says is the photo is via Country Home.

Here is a link that might be useful: Link to breakfast room

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Why, thank you, Palimpsest! And a thank-you goes to dee850 and cawaps and purplepansies for comments on my other kitchen.

I like yellow. Sure wish someone would do a mustard yellow kitchen so I can interact with it on the cheap. (Serigrafica kitchen excepted--not my style.)

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Pricklypear Big Chill--I love the Big Chill appliances, and they are a greatshade of yellow. Nice to see another mid-century look.

Florantha Dolce Vita--That Formica is truly fabulous. I'm holding out hope that the DATs can redeem laminate from being viewed as lowbrow, sub-par, or otherwise not worthy of TKO types--and your board is definitely a step in the right direction. Nice balance of colors and I like the use of the natural cabs here with the yellow (like Pal's "Naturally Yellow" one above).

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Prickly, I love that infusion of lime, and the yellow/lime paired with stainless is sleek.

Florantha, I'm with Cawaps, that formica is so cool! I really love the yellow and gray scheme, one of my favorites! I'm also a huge fan of the iridescence of shell pendants.

Now, I don't claim to know your style, Florantha, but your comment on mustard yellow got me thinking when I saw the fabric in the scheme below. Hope you'll like something in it.

So I decided to pair the yellow cabinets with a walnut counter, and although it may not be for everyone, chose a little bling with glossy iridescent tiles. Wanted to keep the warm feeling, so chose the taupe range, a walnut trestle table, dark wood floor and woven chairs for some texture. Knobs are butter yellow flower Betsy Field glass knobs - wanted something with a little whimsy. Not certain about the chandelier - it may be a bit too "delicate" - ? - but I really like it. Anyway, here it is:

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purplepansies, of all the yellows in your recent mustard (?) kitchen the cab color is my favorite. I like it with the warm browns--good call. The other yellow items are hard to match using online photos, I know.

What gave me the giggles is that you have chosen a fabric I really like, albeit in another colorway (mauvy gray leaves and red birds on natural linen--I think it's out of production now, sigh). I planned to use mine in a rather formal dining room, before the plan morphed out of control--long story. The birds make me smile. Obviously I like the playfulness of your design.

I think your wicker chair is useful also--not only a color and texture but it appears to be comfortable in its back support. I often refer to chairs as 1-hr, 2-hr, and 3-hr dinner party chairs. This might be a 3-hr one.

Like you, I chose cute yellow hardware. There are a number of these in yellow, aren't there? And they're hard to resist.

Mine: Bloom by Anne at Home. Too small to really see in my they are big...

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Thanks for your feedback, Florantha! It is hard to choose color online. I find it interesting that when I use my Mac most of the colors I pick look like the right shade/hue, but if I use our PC or look on my Nook, they can seem a bit "off." Guess that's why you get samples in real life!

LOVE that Anne at Home hardware! I really didn't notice the inlaid design on your board.

Ok, so I have 2 more yellow kitchens I've been working on, deciding whether I should post them. For someone who jumped into these very late, I've gone from 0 to 100 in one DAT! It is addicting!!

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gregincal, I hadn't really looked at your kitchen yet, but gotta say now that I've looked and thought about it, that the warm yellow and greyed green are nice. Close to the mustard I keep mentioning but with more heart and more gold. I very much like the warmth of the cab color. You could substitute in a stainless or white range and still have a yellow kitchen. Nice job. And the happy painted table gives it a real homey feel.

I'm a set-the-table girl and that table would have a drawerful of accessories--tablecloths, candlesticks, dishes. You can dress the room up or down with them. Yet the tabletop finish would allow a bare table look also. Always warm looking, even when covered with tax forms and pencils.

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Upper cabinets pale yellow framed mirrors fashioned into full overlay cabinet doors.
Countertop - Corian Hazelnut
Lower cabinets quarter sawn English sycamore
Sink - galaxy bronze Anibac
Backlsplash- hand painted tiles -Unaluntile
Fabric -Jim Thompson

Love all the tiles on the Unaluntile site and although I'm not a big lover of Corian I do like the Hazelnut with the backsplash. Sorry it got distorted for resizing.

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Lots of nice designs from all! The kitchen that I really love is Pal's 6th one down (I think) the one with the fabulous wall paper. The whole feel is wonderfully unique. I would probably want different artsy chairs but everything else is perfect (to me).

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florantha - I can see your point regarding upscale vs "common". Not out of line at all. I appreciate the critique and it may be an opinion but it definitely has merit. To an extent I do agree, but I also think the simplicity of the schoolhouse fixture can work even in a fancier kitchen.

marcolo, boxerpups, palimpsest, cawaps, purplepansies - Thanks for the encouragement. I was a little concerned the combination of that yellow and green might give someone a seizure or at least a migraine, but I'm glad others liked it too.

I'm really looking forward to steampunk, although I'm a little worried whether I will get it right. Either way it will be fun to try.

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I thought of this thread when I saw this in my FB feed from This Old House today...Hope it's ok to cross post. Very appropriate to the discussion and idea flow...,,20582444,00.html

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