newest additions to 'marshmallow acres'

NinapearlMay 15, 2011

i was gonna post this in the farm life forum but what the heck, these little critters are gonna be PETS so here we are!

since i had to re-home my miniature horses, i have been looking out at the empty dry lot and missing watching them run and buck and play. it's much too quiet around here and while i will forever be unable to care for large animals, i've had goats in the past and they are SO easy to care for.

i haven't yet named these little girls yet, they are fainting goats, just a couple months old. i will be bringing them home in 2 or 3 weeks, after i get my son out here to help me with some fencing modifications...

i also have a friend who is giving me her little billy pygmy/fainter cross. this is "joker"...

i will keep him separated from the 3 little does until he is banded. i don't have any aspirations to raise a whole herd even though they are as cute as can be! :)

speaking of the mini horses, their new owner came yesterday to pick up a load of hay. he told me they are so thrilled with red and rebel, they are SUCH little characters and are settling in nicely. rebel, apparently, is living up to his name. he has figured out how to pop the gate off the hinges and escape. red stops at the green grass but rebel trots up to the house and whinnys at the kitchen door until somebody goes outside with a bag of marshmallows. i told wayne that when i am completely recovered from my back surgery, maybe later in the fall, i would love to volunteer to help with the petting zoo when he sets up at different places. he was thrilled with the offer and it'll be a great way for me to stay in touch with my little guys!

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So cute!

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Curios - Can you milk fainting goats???

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murraysmom Zone 6 OH

nina, I didn't know that you had to rehome your little horses. So sorry to hear that. But I wish you a speedy recovery and glad that you can keep up with their antics at a later time.

The goats are adorable and I would think they would be a good substitute. I look forward to hearing all about them. Thanks for sharing these pictures.

I hope all the big dogs are well.

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well, hmmm mazer, i suspect they would give milk like any other goat. come to think of it, the lady who has them for sale did tell me she has had several buyers who wanted them for their milk!

murraysmom, i guess maybe i never posted about the mini boys. having had back surgery almost 4 weeks ago and being pretty much incapacitated for the past few months, it has been very hard for me to be able to care for them. i had to depend on friends to come out and clean up after them and do my feeding over the past 2 or 3 months. i knew i would really never be able to really take care of them and give them the attention they crave so much so, re-homing them was my only option. i found a couple who run a business called "Pony Pals". they have 8 shetland ponies they use for kids birthday parties, nursing home visit, parades, etc. and they just happened to be setting up a petting zoo and had been thinking about adding a couple of miniature horses. they came out to the farm right before my surgery to meet the boys and fell madly in love with them. they picked them up last week along with red's little easy-entry cart, his harness, rebel's saddle and all the fittings. because i was ONLY concerned about finding them a really good home, i donated them and everything else. i was just so thrilled to find a home that would be perfect for them and i will visit them often! :)

wayne and janet have a little 4 year old granddaughter who LOVES horses. every time she comes to their farm, the first thing she does is grab the marshmallows, go out to the fence and holler for the minis. they always come running. i'm thinking they may be more spoiled than ever already!

i will keep you updated with pics of the little goats once i get them home. should be right after the memorial day holiday. i'm excited, it'll be fun to watch them romp and play. i'm sure the danes will wonder what the heck their momma has brought home this time! LOL

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Was there a reason you wanted fainting goats? Too much romping and playing (or stress) tends to bring on the paralysis. I always felt so sorry for them, but apparently they are none the worse for it.

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no specific reason other than that's about all that is bred around here. stress does bring on the "fainting" but once these kids are used to my dogs and our routine, i doubt they will be feeling much stress. :) they actually even learn to spread their hind legs out to balance themselves so many times, they don't even fall when they "faint"...they just get stiff-legged and then come right out of it after a few seconds.

anybody who knows me would surely know i won't be stressing these goats just to make them faint for my own amusement or the amusement of others. that isn't how things work around here! :)

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murraysmom Zone 6 OH

Sounds like Red and Rebel will have a fun and exciting new life!! I'm so glad that you will be able to keep up with them.

Enjoy the goats. They really sound like fun new pets to have. I know there will be pictures of them and the danes.

And get well soon. I know you'd rather be walking your fields, so I wish you a speedy and uneventful recovery!!

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I also didn't realize you re-homed your mini-horses, though I totally understand why. I know the amount of work involved since I have 3 mini-donks. Just had a neighbor help make some modifications to my barn since things had shifted and my own back was killing me from having to struggle with stall doors, etc that stuck.

Sounds like you found wonderful people to take them! That would definitely be my worry.

The goats are great ... have never had goats but think someday I might get some pygmy goats myself. They are just too cute.

Hope your recovery goes well ... take it slow and easy.

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AWWW Nina. Sorry you had to give up your little guys. I am glad you found a home for them you are happy with, it MUST be a great home because you are NOT easy to please when it comes to your babies! LOL Wishing you a speedy recovery!

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I used to babysit the neighbors pygmy goats when they went on vacation, that is go to their barn and pasture to look in on them and put down feed. They had a little billy named Noah. I was always careful never to turn my back, er, butt on Noah! He was always waiting for an opportunity to give me a shove with that hard little head of his. He was a very pretty goat tho.

One time the neighbors told me to expect someone to come to the barn to pick up one of the kids that had been sold. They picked her up and tied her in the back of their pickup truck, as they drove away she stood up and let out a loud and pitiful cry. I bawled like a baby myself! I told the neighbors to never make me do that again. :)

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LOL, lisa, you know me too well. ;) but you're right! i have only had to re-home animals a couple of times and i have been VERY particular. after all, i consider them family.

schoolhouse, i can't imagine the stress! little goats DO sound pitiful even when they aren't!

my recovery is going well. it'll be 4 weeks tomorrow since my back was opened up. i am slowly weaning myself off of the pain pills, have returned to work a couple of days/week and i am not napping nearly as much as i was even one week ago. i have two incisions, one 6" the other 4" with a 2" gap in between them. they are still pretty tender but it's bearable now. :)

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Aww nina, please get well soon and the new additions are cute as pie! I look forward to some summer antic pics :)

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thanks, cindy! my back is feeling better every day but now i am dealing with the nerves "firing" and causing an awful lot of discomfort in my lower legs and feet. all part of the healing i am told. another couple of months and i'll be ready to go out dancing. :)

the goat babies and joker are due to arrive after memorial day weekend. my son is coming out to the farm next week to help me with fencing. i'm looking forward to getting the little critters!

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