Master Craftsman at work

ashelton80October 7, 2007

Every year I look forward to watching this guy turn table legs on his homemade lathe at Homestead Hollow, a fun outdoor festival that takes you back to the OLD days when life was hard....but simple.

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That would be fun to watch. Nice shots.

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i love that sort of festival, these are nice captures! got any more pics from there?

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Awesome shots...

This is the kind of work my dh luvs...Anything having to do with this type of work...he's done inlays where he made the bowl then inlayed a scene using the color, grain and used different types of wood to achieve results...he sees a tree and the way its curved or grained or even firewood as potential...there are elements to always consider doing this kind of work...

I like the way you caught the shavings there on his hand and the spinning of the wood on the lathe...

Thanks for sharing!


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