Australian shepherd / Great Pyrenees update and picture

good36May 3, 2008


Just a note of thanks for all the advice on my daughters new dog. We have seen much improvement in her in the last few days. She is the most lovable dog we have ever owned.

I want to clarify, that we are not new to owning dogs. We have had dogs all of our lives. She is much different from what we have ever had. We have never had a purebreed dog, they have all been mix breeds. Our daughter is not a young child, she is 22 years old and very responsible. Lacy is doing much better with new people and does very well at the dog park. (thank goodness). Our daughter is looking into a trainer as I type.

Here she is:

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What a beautiful dog!! I have saved the lives of mutts (4) and I wouldn't have it any other way.

I've discovered that when working with the dogs to correct their issues, the really do try hard to please, become wonderful pets, and develop their own personality. I really do enjoy watching the progress and change.

Keep us posted !


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Good to know you are taking control and things are working out. Just remember not to let the dog take over and you will all be okay. Good luck

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