Is 'Freaking' a bad word????

lunchlady1948March 1, 2008

This what a 'Kinder' asked me yesterday in the lunch line:)A boy next to him also a Kinder told him it was a bad word. I had to hide my face not to LOL, I had to think fast! I was thinking 'yes' if you are using it instead of the 'F' word, but what if he asked me what was the 'F' word???

So I asked tell me how you used it?? He said "man it is freaking cold out here"~~I said well maybe you could of said "man it is freezing cold out here"?? He looks at the other boy who nods yes and then he says Yeah I could have said that:) Off they went happy ducks:)

I love those kids they made my day:)

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Well, yes and no. My mother would have smacked me cuz she knew what I really meant to say.

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Yep, what Lindakathy said - my mama would not have taken kindly to the word!

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Pooh Bear

Nothing is good or bad, it is thinking that makes it so.

On the BattleStar Galactica series they use fracking.   
I know it is only a tactic to get by the censors   
and I don't like it at all. 

Pooh Bear 
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I think so. It's kinda funny because I was wondering about this word myself, since I've been listening to Dave Ramsey a lot lately. It makes me laugh sometimes and know everyone isn't perfect but he's on the RADIO and promotes himself as a Christian...and uses that word all the time.

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I guess it's like saying "darn" or" cripes." "Freakin'" sounds uglier to me, though. I think you handled it well.

I teach pre-K, and my students think "stupid" and "shut up" are swear words!

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There's a big billboard in town advertising a 'Frickin' Chicken' sandwich at Sheetz. Didn't 'Frickin' used to be sort of a bad word?

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It's turning into quite the debate, Paula. I have to say, when I saw the first ad for it I thought it was inappropriate.

Here is a link that might be useful: Sheetz Ad

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i answered this yesterday but don't see my response, wonder what happened to it.

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T think if you take half the slang out there it would be all considered bad.....we as people choose in our minds which way to take it..STacy

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I'd much rather say or hear the word "freaking" than the alternative. I don't take it a as bad word. I agree with Stacy....we'd go crazy trying to analyze every word we hear these days.

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I used 'Frickin' back in college in the 1970's and boy did I get a good talking to by my Mom! It wasn't the word but what I meant that bothered her. I never used it again! And I hate how much movies use the real "F" word today.

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This is a topic that gets me up on my soap box.

Like so many things in life today, our language has been dumbed down to the extreme.

I don't understand why so many choose to take the lower road. We have a beautiful language, and complain when we hear immigrants not learning English.

Which English do we want them to learn? The one in the gutter?

I've noticed here at the KT how these slang-type words are used more and more. I have to wonder what is the "pay-off" in using those words? Does it make the user feel "cool", or just to emphasize an emotion?

We wouldn't eat out of dumpsters, but it is okay to have a trashy mouth?


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Guilty as charged....I know I shouldn't say it but it is part of my daily vocabulary.

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My SIL sent me this a few weeks ago. She is a Separate School kindergarten teacher so I was surprised when I saw the word "fricken" in the subject line of her email because it is a word she wouldn't use.

A Fricken Elephant

Jake is five and learning to read.
He points at a picture in a zoo book and says, "Look Mama! It's a frickin' elephant!"
Deep breath... "What did you call it?"
"It's a frickin' Elephant, Mama!
It says so on the picture!"
and so it does...

" A f r i c a n Elephant "

Hooked on phonics!
Ain't it wonderful?



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perfect!!! Ya done a great recovery on that one!!

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

It has just never been a part of my vocabulary, and most of my friends my age don't use it either. I hear it more from younger folks it seems.

Now if ya make me angry enough, I might just come out with a lot worse than that though.

Sue...who seldom ever gets her feathers ruffled anymore.

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I like the way there are clean synonyms for curse words , like darn for damn, freaking for f***ing, etc. I tend to use the non-curse words here. But when I "talk" to (yell at) DH, I use the actual curse words.

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As a foreigner that speaks English as a 2nd language, may I please make a comment, well... more or less, a complaint?

You AMERICANs just confuse the "heck" out of us with your English language!!!! LOL....

Phew! Now that I got it out of my system...

It's hard enough to learn a new language. Once we, foreigners, thought we had it all down, you go around and change the meaning out of them! Words going from good to bad is just... not right somehow. You have too many slang words and soon, the whole country is speaking in slangs. What happened to the good ole English language?

I have American friends that kept being reminded (by me) not to teach me any slangs. I certainly, don't want to mess it up. This is why...

I used to be so bad in writing when I was in college. I messed up all the grammar. My English teacher sat me with me one day and advised: "You speak English gramatically more correct than you write. Just read it out loud and make the corrections." LOL... I felt so blessed to have that teacher for my English class.

Ok... so I think I got it. When using "Freakin'" as in swearing, it's bad but if using as a verb and followed by "out" or ... "elephant" =) then, it's ok. Did I got it right?

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