My dog won't chew bones

cookie8May 22, 2013

I have tried everything - rawhide, knuckles bones from beef stock I make and deer antlers.
I notice her teeth are discolouring in the back so I did start brushing them. She is fed a grain free diet and rarely gets table scraps. If she does, it is meat and given to her at her meal time to keep her from begging. Any suggestions for the teeth situation? Thanks. BTW she is only two years (almost).

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I think brushing is the best thing. I've never been one for giving any of my dogs bones. Do you feed kibble or soft food? I'm sure others will have more advice for you.

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Try something softer, some dogs like hard things, some like soft things. Have you tried the split antlers with the marrow exposed? Mine chew those more than regular antlers. Mine like hooves also. One doesn't like rawhides but will chew on the chips.


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Never never never feed your dog cooked bones. Regardless of the species, they can splinter and cause serious puncture wounds. My girl gets raw bones with her dinner every day. I remember when I first offered her one, she had no idea what it was or what to do with it. Now, she eats the bones first, and complains loudly if we run out. Her teeth are nice and clean, and her vet wholeheartedly approves.

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I haven't tried raw bones, I feel a little nervous for some reason. I do get them from a local farmer and they are frozen immediately after the butchering so I am sure they are pretty safe. Raw meat on a bone might get her a little more interested in chewing. Thanks.

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cooksnsews is absolutely right. NEVER EVER feed cooked bones! I also stay away from the large, dense weight-bearing bones (leg bones) and other large, dense bones that dogs may break their teeth on. I feed a raw diet to my dogs and cats. The cats get chicken necks for their edible bones, and the dogs typically get chicken, turkey, game fowl, venison, or pork bones (or small beef bones like spare ribs) with plenty of meat on them. My dogs would eat meatless bones because they're used to bone in their daily diet, but I'm not at all surprised that your dog shows no interest in meatless bones - a pretty boring offering for a carnivore. Offer a nice meaty RAW bone, and your dog will go to town on it.


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woohoo, another raw feeder! my dogs have been fed raw for 2.5 years now and have never needed to have their teeth cleaned. finding a vet that is open to raw feeding isn't easy but thankfully, my vet is all for it. my dogs have never had skin problems, their coats are like super shiny velvet, their teeth are clean and they never have yeasty ears.

i wouldn't suggest switching to raw unless you do plenty of research and know all of the basics.

i have friends who, after seeing my dogs' teeth, will give their own kibble fed dogs raw chicken backs a couple of times a week to keep teeth clean.

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Another big yes for raw bones! Our two labs just love them but I only use the large leg bones and cows only. If you cook them, they soften so that is definitely a 'NO'. Also, raw deer bones won't work with our large dogs - they can bite through them but might work for small dogs.

They love the marrow inside and when the bone gets to the point where they can't get any more out -- I dig it out for them. We get boxes of bones from a meat processor for little money.

Antlers are great also but must age for at least a year to harden.

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Porkhide Bones and Porky Puffs from Life's Abundance are a great choice.

Porkhide bones are a gourmet chew treat made with 100% natural pork skin for a long lasting, mouth watering flavor your dog will love with the healthy benefits that youâÂÂll love too! The shape of the bone fits inside the mouth for maximum contact, which helps promote healthy teeth and gums.

Here is a link that might be useful: Porkhide Bones and Porky Puffs

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