Whitehause WH3018 Farmhouse Sink

ripleys_mumMarch 4, 2013

I had my heart set on a farmhouse sink. We followed all the directions, built a platform to support the weight, everything we were told to do; we did. 14 months later the sink is cracked, from the rim vertically into the sink bed and moving off at an angle. The crack is no where near the disposal.
To my dismay and stupidity, I've discovered that Whitehaus has a 1 year warranty on manufacturing defects. I loved that sink. Reading the posts, it seems that fireclay sinks are a gamble. It looks so nice and the installlations costs were not insignificant. Whitehaus is "having a think" so I still have hope they will replace the sink. If not, any recommendations - should I try another fireclay from a diffrerent company (better warranty) or a stainless farmhouse look sink. I love the big open area where everthing fits to soak and wash.
Thank you in advance. And I know, my bad on the warranty. I can not believe that I overlooked this detail.
cheers and g'night k

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Oh I'm so sorry! I have fallen in love with the Whitehaus sink with the fluted front and was about to throw caution to the wind and buy it. Your post is extremely timely for me. I had read other nightmarish stories about Whitehaus sinks but was trying to convince myself that any product can have the rare failure. I really hope that they will stand behind their product for you. I've been thinking about Kohler's White Haven apron front sink or Rohl's. Reading your post makes me think I should go for the cast iron. It's really lovely in Sea Salt or Cane Sugar.

Good luck and thank you for posting this.

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Hi, it's me again....do you have any idea what caused the sink to crack? Was it boiling water, a dropped pot?
I was just looking at Rohl's, Herbeau's and Franke's warranties and they are the same as Whitehaus. 1 year for manufacturers defects, 10 years against staining. It's not just the expense of the sink, although they're quite expensive, it's the granite, cabinet, hassle and expense of install that make it such a disaster when something like this happens. Please let me know what your outcome is.

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I just ordered the Rohl 3618 Apron sink and I hope that I do not have any issues such as this. I am sort of nervous about it now. Hopefully Whitehaus will stand behind their product and replace it for you. However, they probably will not cover the cost of labor for replacing it.

Posters here have both the Rohl and The Kohler Whitehaven and have posted positive comments about their choice. If the company replaces the sink for you, can it be installed from below so that you do not have to tear out the countertop?

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Hi sanjuangirl,

I wish I could say that there was a physical reason for the crack in the sink. My husband is home only on weekends and a neither of us cook, mostly just cleaning up the dishes from the microwave.
I am still waiting to hear from Whitehaus, but as you see none of the manufacturers warranty the sink for manufacturing defects for more than 12 months. Silly, me I interepreted this as fireclay sinks are very tough - and clearly some of them are based on some of the poster's experiences. However, that has not been the case with my sink.
Reading Rohl's website, it seems they manufacture a thicker fireclay (could be wrong). So hopefully quiltgirl's "3618" will be perfect in every way.
Retrofitting granite, building the platform, new plumbing, we spent over $2500 - including the sink.
I will let you know as soon as i hear from Whitehaus. This sink was my big splurge when we bought this house and my disappointment is pretty deep.

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Circus Peanut

I'm so sorry to hear of your sink troubles, ugh. I put a Whitehaus 501 fireclay sink into my kitchen remodel 5 years ago and it has held up splendidly, despite our abuse and plenty of boiling pasta water, and is still going strong.

I wonder if this isn't the kind of issue where some sinks have interior material weaknesses but from the exterior it's impossible to tell which do/don't?

Wishing satisfactory resolution for you from the manufacturer --

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Just a follow up for everyone. Whitehaus has declined responsibility for the manufacturing defect in my WH3018 fireclay farmhouse sink. Their warranty states 1 year and they are holding fast to those 12 months. And although we took delivery of the sink; it was not installed immediately, so we were out of warranty by 2 months.
Circuspeaunt, I'm sure you are correct - there are internal defects and you win some & lose some. The sink was $932.50 + tax when I bought it, plus the special flange, plus the carpentry and plumbing.
You would think a sink could be easily and inexpensively scanned for internal defects; I suppose that technology has not caught up with the sink manufacturers yet.
For all of you with a farm sink that has stood the test of time; I'm jealous, but happy for you.
I would not ever buy or recommend a Whitehaus fireclay sink, unless you plan to buy in batch :-D
Now I am off to find a sink that approximates the platform and holes for the disposal so that we do not need to build a new platform - and yes I still want a single bowl sink.


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Wow I'm so sorry that they're not going to help you or stand behind their product. Perhaps they're unaware of the power of this forum??

I had convinced myself to throw caution to the wind and buy this sink. I finally found a local distributor and saw the Whitehaus sink in person with the gorgeous fluted front and was ready to get it. Not now, no way no how...

Thanks for posting this. Good luck. I feel really bad for you. Hopefully you'll find a lovely new sink that holds up.

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Time to replace the Whitehaus. My husband is so unhappy with this, it may be a me or the sink exchange soon. I would still like a farm sink, but it needs to fit exactly. sigh. Does anyone have any experience with the Blanco Cerana? It looks quite nice, but the drain is in the center, which could mean much more plumbing & cabinetry modifications. Blanco claims to have an unlimited warranty for manufacturing defects, a feature none of the other fireclay sinks have. Shaw has a fireclay with the drain in about the same location as the Whitehaus, yet Shaw's warranty is 1year. Both the Shaw and the Blanco look to be "thicker" than my Whitehaus.
Any advice would be much appreciated.


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Circus Peanut

Karenj, I'm wondering if it's perhaps the platform itself? Definitely check it over with a realllly sensitive level -- perhaps it was off-kilter just enough from side to side or front to back to make the sink crack when it filled with the weight of water?

Or else it was just a lousy sink, erk. I'm really sorry they're not standing by their product and making you pay such a hefty price for their bad manufacture. Boo!

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I don't have any experience with these sinks, but I am wishing you good luck in finding one you love that fits!

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Great idea circus peanut! Will be on that base with a level first thing! Hopefully it is completely level.
The original sink was a 2 bowl white corian - 12 years old that would never be white again. The designer, who has since left the area, coordinated the platform, sink & accessories and plumbing. I am sure she would be appalled at the condition of the sink. The plumbing distributor where we bought the sink has been very helpful, his appeals to Whithaus were all for naught also. I am pretty sure he will direct customers to a different brand if they are looking for a fireclay sink.
Either way sink wars continue at our house :-D
Wish I could initiate a poll - Shaw or Blanco.
The Blanco is a new product with a warranty the Shaw is timeless and my favorite, but again a 1 year warranty.
thank again everyone,

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Just a follow up to anyone considering a Whitehaus fireclay sink. The warranty for manufacturing defects is 12 months. Your Whitehaus may last forever. Mine lasted 14 months and Whitehaus could care less. The sink cracked through completely, not a surface crack, and the platform had started to mold.
I knew the warranty, but never dreamed the sink would crack or that Whitehaus would not care. The sink was installed with great care by a kitchen designer, carpenter and plumber. Shaw, Porcher and Hebreau all have the same warranty. Perhaps they have better customer service though.
I loved my farm sink, the big basin.....
Attached are photos; I combined 4 photos into one jpg, but I can only see one, so I do not know what I am doing wrong,

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