Broken Hearted this morning

notoloverMay 28, 2012

I am very sad this morning.

Although I have had dogs/cats in the past, because of my current situation I am only pet mom to 2 box turtles. They go out for the summer, but their enclosure had to be replanted. While I was doing that I had them out in a Tortoise playpen.

I have used this a lot since I got it, but I put it in a different spot yesterday and those 2 escape artists got out--there was only a half inch gap that I didn't notice. I think they worked together to lift it to get out.

Luckily my DH found the one I had the longest (over 30 years), but the little male I've had for about 15 years I fear is gone for good. My yard is not fenced and they headed for a wild area at the back of my lot. There are many places to hide. If he goes too far he will fall into an irrigation ditch and be swept away.

I live in the rural high desert so being an eastern box turtle, he doesn't know what he is in for. I am so mad at myself for not being more careful. I'm going to put some water and food out for him when it's sunny in that area, but I'm really not holding out much hope.

I feel so guilty knowing he faces certain death.

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awww, i'm so sorry! do you think he might just be satisfying a little of his wanderlust and he will return to his partner? i sure hope he comes back! putting food out in a trail might lead him back to you. :(

don't beat yourself up, we all make mistakes! had he lived in the wild all of those years, chances are he might not have lived nearly as long.

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Thanks for the encouraging words, I'm keeping an eye for him. Morning temps were in the 40s so I'm sure he's hunkered down somewhere for now.

I always joked that I wanted to put a chip on him that I could use a locater with since he was always the hard one to find in their enclosure when it was time to bring him in for the fall.

I don't know if they even make such a thing, but it would be handy in a case like this.

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Good luck in finding him. Keep looking. He may return to his friend.

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Wow, that's a long time, I'm sorry this is happening and hope some how you are able to find him. I know it's hard, but do try to be optimistic, sometimes that and a little tenacity can work miracles.

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I am so sorry! Our box turtle, Oscar, escaped his outdoor enclosure 7 years ago and we never did find him. Lots of hiding places here as well. We had him for almost 14 years. He was quite an escape artist and we used to discuss painting his carapace with really bright colors to make him easier to see, but were never able to find turtle-safe colors. Don't give up hope yet though, prior to his final escape, Oscar ran away many times and one time, he was gone for almost 2 weeks before I finally found him. Hopefully, your guy will show up as well. The best time to look for them seems to be very early in the morning, and after a rain when everything is still wet. Good luck!!

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What a sad thing to happen :( I hope you'll find him.

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spedigrees z4VT

I'm so sorry. Wow, 30 years is a long time, and even 15 years is longer than any of my dogs have lived. I'm hoping you will be able to recapture the escapee, but as Nina, said, he would likely never have had all these years, had he not been fortunate enough to be in your care.

Unfortunately they don't make small chips that are trackable. Microchips are only for revealing a cat or dog's owner when a lost pet is found. There are tracking collars, but heavy, bulky and expensive, unfortunately.

I hope you find your lost turtle.

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This is a sort of far fetched idea, but I thought I'd put it out there: There are bloodhound groups that do tracking for fun. Maybe see if one is in your area and in exchange for refreshments the group might come over and try to track your turtle. You would meet interesting people and it might work.

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Lucille, I had the same thought - a long shot but who knows. Ive heard of that method used for tracking lost cats - the hounds need to smell something with the pet's scent on it - bedding or etc.

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