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berkMay 9, 2009


I bought 2 self feeders for my dogs and the dry food keeps getting wet and molding. I have the opening facing east so it is right by the door they both come out and it sits under the roofing on their dog house.

Anyone else have this problem and if so what have you done to stop the food from getting wet?

Any ideas will be appreciated.

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Feed the dogs every day inside the house.

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Is pouring kibble in a dish once/twice per day such a strenuous task?

My lab would be obese if I let him self-feed.

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if kibble is getting moldy from being wet, you can't be checking it every day. *sigh*

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I did put a dish in their house and right off the bat they both emptied it and hid it in the straw.
Yes, going out there twice a day is a pain since I have a broken ankle.
It has rained here for the past 5 days so I was unable to go out in the pouring rain and check the feeders.
My dogs aren't obese, they eat a little and that is it.
Thank you for the first response, the other two have no right to judge me or persume anything!
I ask for help not criticism and I won't post again.

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The dogs have been out there on their own for FIVE days? Or likely more? In the rain. And you wonder why the food is wet? Good grief, a broken ankle doesn't make you bedridden. Here's some advice: Get some crutches, feed indoors, have a friend or neighbor help. And grow up.

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Very sorry about your broken ankle Berk, is there any reason the dogs can't come into your house to be fed? Then you wouldn't have to go out at all. (Idrive, a broken weight bearing bone can require months of rest to avoid additional damage.)

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Give this lady a break! She feeds her dogs outside and wants an answer to her question. If you don't have one, move right along.

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I gave her an answer -- feed once or twice a day. She didn't mention a broken ankle in her OP, are we supposed to guess that? Then I gave her a few more answers. Do you have any, carmen? If not, I invite you to move right along yourself.

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If food is getting moldy, it's obvious there is too much moisture and the food is out there too long. Rain usually comes with wind and high humidity so you need a larger protected area for the feeders. If that is not possible I would suggest leaving only enough food for a day or two in a large heavy container (heavy ceramic feeding bowls) the dogs cannot carry away. There also automatic feeders that open at a scheduled time but they are quite a bit of trouble to use all the time. I would keep the feeders inside and have them eat indoors. I don't like food outside or even uncovered indoors, as it promotes rodents and insects, not just mold.

Hope your ankle recovers speedily. Good luck.

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